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Saturday 07.11.2020140 DKK

Sutari (PL) + Mehehe (PL)

Experimental folk

Please note: the time schedule has been changed to doors at 7pm and concert and 8pm.

Two exciting Polish projects mixing folk music traditions, experimental sounds and feminist visions – for the first time in Copenhagen.

The three vocalists, multi-instrumentalists and performers in Sutari have created their very own blend of folk music, mixing old rural traditions with everyday objects and a playful, experimental approach. Their striking use of kitchen objects such (meat cleavers, grinders, whisks etc.) connects their take on folk music with the home and everyday work, and thus displaying how folk music has been passed on by generations of women taking care of the home, and not only by the rambling troubadour. The exploration of a feminine world is also very much present on their new album, the brilliant “River Sisters”. Here they dive into an eco-feminist world and pays tribute to those people working to protect nature from exploitation.

The group has performed in front of international audiences many times, including at Tallinn Music Week (2017), Rudolstadt Fest (2017), Folk Baltica Festival (2017) and more. In the autumn of 2015, the group presented their work at the largest international world music fair WOMEX 2015, and a few months later performed at the international Folk Alliance fair in Kansas City, USA. In Denmark the group did a great show at Fanø Free Folk Festival, but their visit at ALICE will be their first show in Copenhagen.

Basia Songin from Sutari continues her work with experimental folk and visionary feminism in the duo Mehehe – together with Helena Matuszewska. Using acoustic folk instruments, spindles, leaves, whispers, screams and singing, they take listeners to a mysterious and dying world of rural magic or summer solstice spells. The figure of the wise woman, the witch and the shaman – figures largely demonized in a Christian culture – are dominant in their music celebrating nocturnal magic and rituals, as can be heard on their debut album “Darkening” .

The concert with Sutari is supported by the Embassy of Poland in Copenhagen

Saturday 07.11.2020
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 140 DKK incl. fee

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