Here we have gathered some useful information and frequently asked questions about ALICE. If you don’t find the answer to your question, you’re always welcome to get in contact with us. General questions can be sent to info@alicecph.com. Questions about specific shows, tickets etc. can be sent to pr@alicecph.com. You can also find more info about how to get in touch with us here.

Where is ALICE located?
ALICE is normally located at Nørre Allé 7, Copenhagen N. However, since the spring of 2021 we sadly haven’t been able to use our own venue due to a faulty ventilation system – more on that here. While we wait to get our home back, we’re presenting shows at external venues all around Copenhagen. Venues might sometimes change after you’ve bought your ticket, so pay extra attention to our website, the facebook event, and your email inbox. Questions regarding wardrobe, smoking areas, parking etc. will be dependent on the different venues until we’re back at Nørre Allé 7.

Are the shows seated?
The majority of the concerts at ALICE are with only a few seats or without seats at all. Concerts with seats guaranteed will be marked ‘seated’ on your ticket and at the specific event at our homepage.  

Can I bring food to the ALICE?
According to the Danish authorities, it is not allowed to bring your own food to the venue.

I lost something at one of your concerts. How do I pick it up?
All lost items will be saved in our Lost & Found box. If you lost something at a concert, you can pick it up by appointment. Please contact us at info@alicecph.com or +45 31 54 58 75 (on weekdays between 10-14).

How are the handicap facilities?
As we don’t have access to our own venue, this depends on the specific venue of each concert. However, we do our best to make sure we’re always ALICE is handicap friendly. Wheelchair users are welcome to enjoy the concerts at the front of the stage to the left and to bring a companion free of charge – just let us know via pr(a)alicecph.com in good time so we can reserve a ticket.

How can I pay at the ticket counter or at the bar?
We do not accept cash at ALICE at the moment. It is possible to pay via MobilePay or with card – Visa/Visa Electron/VPay, MasterCard/Maestro, but not regular Dankort.

Can I buy a gift card for ALICE?
It is not possible to buy gift cards for the venue, but we have a membership that you can give as a gift. Learn more here.

Can I get my ticket refunded?
If a concert is canceled, tickets get refunded automatically via Billetto. But if you are unable to attend the concert due to illness or the like, unfortunately, we cannot refund your ticket. You are always welcome to sell or give your ticket to someone else. When you buy a ticket, it is possible to buy refund protection via Billetto. Refunds should be claimed directly via the refund protection if you bought it. Learn more here.

The concert is marked as ‘sold out’ on your homepage. Can I still buy tickets at the door?
If a concert is marked as ‘sold out’ online, we don’t sell tickets at the door. In some cases, it is possible to sign up for a waiting list. You can always search for tickets on sale via the Facebook event of the concert, but please beware of ticket touts! And please beware that according to Danish law it is illegal to sell a ticket overpriced.

Is it necessary to print my ticket at home?
It is not necessary to print your ticket, as our ticket scanner works for printed tickets as well as the ticket on your phone screen.

Can I rent ALICE for an event?
Not until we get our venue back. Under normal circumstances, you can rent ALICE for fx. a lecture, a debate, a musical event, or for a pre-show production.

What is the age limit at ALICE?
We don’t have an age limit at ALICE, everybody is welcome. But of course, we don’t sell alcohol to children under the age of 18.

Can I bring my child to concerts?
Yes, you can bring your child to the concerts and children under the age of 12 get in for free. In consideration of capacity and sold-out shows, we kindly ask you to let us know via pr@alicecph.com if you want to bring your child at a concert.

Can I take photographs at your concerts?
All photography at the concerts at ALICE should always be coordinated with the staff, and the exact appointment depends on the artist. Please contact us in advance at pr@alicecph.com or +45 50 58 08 41 (on weekdays between 10-14).

How can I be booked for a show at ALICE?
All booking inquiries should be sent by email to our bookers. Learn more here.

Does ALICE serve alcohol free drinks?
For all shows where we’re in charge of the bar, we serve a range of alcohol-free drinks at the bar, such as Mikkeller alcohol free beers, soft drinks, juice, coffee and tea.