Tuesday _04.06.24200 DKK + fee

Minyo Crusaders JP

Japanese folk music meets cumbia, Caribbean reggae, and groovy afrobeat

Minyo Crusaders breathe new life into old Japanese folk songs, which in their hands are reinterpreted, arranged, and twisted into extremely catchy music through genres like cumbia, Caribbean reggae, afrobeat, and free jazz. Minyo Crusaders delivered one of the best performances at last year’s Roskilde Festival, and now the Japanese big band is ready to set ALICE on fire in May with rare enthusiasm and bubbling charm.

NOTE: the concert has been postponed to June 4th 2024

Traditional Japanese minyo songs are work and fishermen songs sung for centuries during harvests, on fishing boats, and festive occasions. The Japanese ensemble Minyo Crusaders breathes new life into these old folk songs in an unexpected, extremely charming setting where the songs are reinterpreted and arranged through various genre approaches including cumbia, Caribbean reggae, afrobeat, and free jazz. Minyo Crusaders’ music is inventive, highly catchy and danceable, and the sound sends thoughts from Japan’s remotest mountain regions to Pharoah Sanders, Fela Kuti, and timeless grooves.

When Minyo Crusaders released their debut album “Echoes of Japan” in 2019, they had already cultivated a loyal fan base worldwide with their catchy and inventive arrangements, and caught the attention of iconic composer Ry Cooder, who wrote, “The best band I have heard in many years.” In 2020, they followed up with the EP “Minyo Cumbiero” and in 2021, the excellent live record from their performance at Le Guess Who Festival.

The group has been to Denmark before and delivered unforgettable concerts at both ALICE and last year’s Roskilde Festival, where Undertoner awarded their show on the Avalon stage with 5/6 hearts. Minyo Crusaders will pack ALICE with enthusiastic musicians, traditional instruments from around the world, brass instruments, and synthesizers in a breathtaking concert experience when they visit ALICE in June.

Said about Minyo Crusaders:
“[…] a blazing candidate for the title of the sweetest band of Roskilde Festival 2023” – Undertoner

“The best band I have heard in many years” – Ry Cooder

ALICE at Stairway
While the concert hall at Nørre Allé 7 is undergoing renovation, ALICE is located at the music venue Stairway in Vanløse.

Tuesday _04.06.24
Venue: Stairway
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 200 DKK + fee
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