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Pan-Scandinavian sextet merges the beauty and wildness of Nordic folk music

A vital and engaging interpretation of Nordic folk music traditions is delivered by the pan-Scandinavian sextet VÍÍK. Led by the charismatic Norwegian singer Elisabeth Vik, they blend the beauty and wildness of ancient customs, creating a folk music celebration during the opening week of Nørre Allé.

“New Nordic folk at its best,” wrote Gaffa about the pan-Scandinavian supergroup VÍÍK. At the forefront is the Norwegian singer and composer Elisabeth Vik, who charmingly leads the audience into an enchanting universe of mystical medieval ballads, legends, and fairy tales. She is supported by a Scandinavian all-star team consisting of Annelene Toft (violin), Villads Hoffmann (cittern), Morten Alkjær Lassen (harmonica), and Jakob Kragesand (double bass) from Denmark, and last but not least, Mårten Hillbom (percussion) from Sweden. Experienced and playful musicians who together bring folk music roots to life in a compelling way.

The group has made a strong mark as a live act in recent years, including performances in Tivoli, at Celtic Connections, and at the Roskilde Festival in 2022, where they received 5 out of 6 stars from Gaffa for their captivating and well-played concert, showcasing their ability to blend the beauty and wildness of folk music. VÍÍK is currently promoting their album “Sagt” (2024). It’s hard not to get carried away when these six fantastic musicians take the stage. We look forward to a folk music celebration of epic proportions when VÍÍK takes over ALICE on Sunday evening during the opening week on Nørre Allé.

Said about VÍÍK
“Nordic primal power. New Nordic folk at its best. If Game of Thrones had been a Nordic mythological series, VÍÍK would be the music that fits” – Gaffa

Sunday _08.09.24
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 160 DKK + fee

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