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Peter Zummo Ensemble (US) + Military Genius (US)

Minimalism and improv

Peter Zummo Ensemble 


Coming from the interdisciplinary avant-garde of New York City’s downtown scene, the trombonist and composer Peter Zummo is on of Arthur Russells closest collaboraters over time. From modern classical to disco classicism, Zummo shadowed his cello lines with his peerless trombone work. Zummo’s work over the years with Russell, Love of Life orchestra, Downtown Ensemble, Flying Hearts, and Lounge Lizards saw him create a style that he wryly termed “minimalism plus a whole lot more.” 


In the Autumn of 2019, Peter Zummo released his latest album, Deep Drive, on UK label Tin Angel’s new imprint Unheard Of Hope. The album is recorded with a sextet merging Zummo’s “open form” composition and performance techniques with electronic and live instrumentation, vocal processing, collage and spoken word. At ALICE he will play with his ensemble, including Peter Broderick who played a great concert in the Fall of 2019.


Said of Peter Zummo


“From modern classical to disco classicism, Peter Zummo shadowed Arthur Russell’s cello lines with his peerless trombone work.” – Pitchfork


“A swirling, laidback soup of influences and tones, loosely arranged yet very well blended together” – The Wire 


“Whether adding quivering trombone riffs to Russell’s mutant disco records or creating

space for the dancers to improvise on Lateral Pass, Zummo’s playing is both unique and recognizable” – Bandcamp


Military Genius


War-torn industrial, experimental r&b, and visceral ambience are unified under the banner of Military Genius, an audiovisual project that mirrors the political and existential turmoil of our times. Spreading a message of peace amidst the turbulence, Military Genius blends rigid composition and free-form noise, producing abstract, meditative representations of real-life experience. “Deep Web”, the forthcoming debut LP, is a journey into the cosmic night, an exploration of internal conflict beyond sight or sound, a submission to the bliss of pure abandon. Warped piano, piercing guitar, and euphoric saxophone move through a disorienting haze of noise, crashing at each turn from distorted club rhythms to shape-shifting jazz.

Wednesday _04.03.20
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