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The Bug feat. Flowdan UK + N.E.GIRL B2B Smokey + Mbizo – OPENING CONCERT

Legendary bass-heavy opening blast at Nørre Allé

The legendary bass-heavy opening blast on Nørre Allé is brought to you by Bass legend The Bug and Grammy-winning rapper Flowdan, pushing dub and dancehall to the extreme with uncompromising beats and intense flows as they jointly open ALICE’s concert hall on Nørre Allé with a huge bang. Before and after the concert, respectively, Mbizo and N.E.GIRL B2B Smokey ensure heavy delights for the dance floor.

The Bug (Kevin Richard Martin) is an inevitable legend and giant figure within bass culture. The British electronic musician and producer has been behind influential groups since the 90s such as Techno Animal, King Midas Sound, and Zonal, as well as a plethora of defining projects that have branched out widely, especially within dub, dancehall, noise, grime, and hip hop. Notably, The Bug is known for his many feature collaborations, enriching them with heavy bass and uncompromising beats, and enriching the music scene with fantastic talents. One of the most important and enduring collaborations he has had is with the now equally legendary British rapper Flowdan.

Flowdan has roots in the influential grime collective Roll Deep, which stirred up the London scene in the early 2000s and is known for his rough and rumbling vocals that effortlessly resonate over dubstep, grime, and jungle beats. When The Bug and Flowdan form an alliance and push dub and dancehall to the extreme with intense flows and beats, magical things happen. Since Flowdan’s first collaboration with The Bug, he has moved from the underground towards the top, and in February of this year, Flowdan became the first British rapper ever to win a Grammy for “Rumble” – the hit with the mammoth Skrillex, which has shaken TikTok as well as dance floors everywhere.

Under his real name, Kevin Richard Martin, The Bug played his very last concert on Nørre Allé before the Corona lockdown in 2020, and since then, ALICE has not returned as a normally functioning venue. Therefore, the circle is beautifully completed when The Bug feat. Flowdan opens ALICE’s concert hall on Nørre Allé on September 6.

N.E.GIRL B2B Smokey
With serious inspiration from sound system culture and alternative club styles from the UK and the global underground, N.E.GIRL has built a reputation for her multi-genre approach. As a club promoter and festival curator, she operates with bass-driven and experimental styles and constantly explores the boundaries of multi-genre mixing. This evening, N.E.GIRL takes over the floor B2B with Copenhagen DJ Smokey, who since her early teenage years has cultivated her tireless interest in electronic music. With technical perfectionism and a sensitive understanding of mood, she effortlessly weaves tracks together across genres and time periods, juggling fresh dubplates with ancient jewels.

Mbizo is a Nørrebro-born-and-raised producer and DJ whose music heavily draws on sound system and bass culture. Since his debut in 2019, he has gained recognition for his take on dub music and filled many dance floors around.

Friday _06.09.24
Doors at: 20:00
Concert at: 21:00
Price: 200 DKK + fee

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