Friday _24.07.20100 DKK + fee

Nicklas Sørensen + Johannes Lund & Henrik Pultz Melbye

Free improv and avantgarde

An evening of pattern-based minimalism, blissed-out ambience and cyclic, repetitive saxophone playing with Nicklas Sørensen og Johannes Lund & Henrik Pultz Melbye at ALICE Summer Series.

Summer is here, and after months of lockdown we are excited to finally open for concerts again. With ALICE Summer Series we present a series of amazing local acts in the yard of Nørre Allé 7, in collaboration with Union. The outdoor concerts will take place on selected weekend afternoons all Summer between June 12th and August 15th, all seated and safe, and with a limited amount of tickets in order to keep the COVID-19-restrictions from the Danish authorities. We proudly present Dreamers’ Circus, Kogekunst, Dawda Jobarteh, Josefine Opsahl, Basco, Astrid Sonne, Spellcaster, Det Yderste Hav, Erna, Lund & Pultz Melbye, Lucrecia Dalt and more.

Due to limited capacity, we recommend you to buy your tickets in presale via Billetto. All concerts cost 100 DKK (50 DKK for children up to the age of 13).

We’re updating the programme regularly. Please stay tuned on our website and via the Facebook-event. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to a lot of lovely concerts in the yard all Summer!

Nicklas Sørensen

Nicklas Sørensen is best known for his hard rocking guitar playing with a knack for improvisation in the Danish kraut band Papir, but in his solo work his guitar is being explored as a generator of otherworldly, esoteric sounds as well as a compositional tool and – perhaps most importantly – a transmitter of pristine, cascading melodies. Drawing on pattern-based minimalism, blissed-out ambience and experimental british “oceanic” music from the 1980s and early 1990s, he creates beautiful soundscapes that will fill the Summer air.


Johannes Lund & Henrik Pultz Melbye

To play the baritone saxophones the way the Danish duo Lund & Pultz Melbye does, you need a stamina of a daredevil viking, lungs of a huge whale and a state of mind of a Zen monk. These two experimental musicians – Lund, one of the founding members of both the Copenhagen-based club, Mayhem, and the collective Yoyooyoy, and Pultz Melbye, member of the alternative groups Svin and Motherfucker, began their saxophone duo in the spring of 2016 and recorded their debut album in June 2017 in Mayhem. The duo rely on cyclic, repetitive motifs mixed with extended, circular breathing techniques, with no breaks or pauses. A truly meditative concert experience not to be missed.

You can find more info about our rules and Covid-19 regulations during ALICE Summer Series on the general page here.

Friday _24.07.20
Doors at: 16:00
Concert at: 17:00
Price: 100 DKK + fee

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