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Lyra Pramuk (US)

Posthuman, queer futuristic folk music

ALICE is proud to present the stunning vocalist and explorer of futurist folk music, Lyra Pramuk. Danish multiartist Adam Christensen will open the night.

Lyra Pramuk
Pramuk’s album “Fountain” from 2020 was quite a sensation that received wide critical acclaim. In a “Best New Music” review, Pitchfork wrote: “Pramuk’s debut album generously looks inward to illuminate the multiplicity of the self. Fountain is too rich in scope and meaning to be reduced to just a salve, but there’s no doubt it’s an oh-so-timely reminder that the body is a site of infinite possibility.”

“Fountain” plays with the perception of music, rhythms, speech, body, and the relation between technology and humanity, exploring a post-human, non-binary understanding of life and the fragile ecosystems it depends on. Mixing classical vocalism, pop sensibilities, performance practices and contemporary club culture with the sense of storytelling and community building from folk music, Pramuk is a deeply original voice on the contemporary music scene. She recently released the album “Delta” – a sequel that presents various collaborations exploring the material from “Fountain” in new contexts. Here she enters into a dialogue with artists such as Ben Frost, Caterina Barbieri and Gabber Modus Operandi.

Adam Christensen
Opening act! The Danish multifaceted artist Adam Christensen works with video and textiles as well as poetry and music. Opening for Lyra Pramuk, Christensen will perform and play with his harmonica. Those who were lucky to see the concert at Badesøen Festival last year will know that they can be quite intense, as Christensen operates with contradictions such as intensity and faint, man and women, performance and person. Think Baby Dee with less cabaret but more deep felt emotions. 

Saturday _14.05.22
Venue: Valby Kulturhus
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 180 DKK + fee

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