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Less Win album release + Josiah Konder + Fabienne Erato

Post punk and experimental

Døre kl 19 / Fabienne Erato 19.30 / Josiah Konder 20.30 / Less Win 21.30

Less Win


Since 2010, the Copenhagen based post punk trio Less Win (Matthew Moller, Casper Morilla and Patrick Kociszewski) have marked themselves as one of the most interesting groups of the Danish underground scene. With two albums, two EPs, one cassette, several European tours and loads of concerts with the likes of Iceage, Crystal Stilts, Lower, The Men and Spray Paint, they are finally out with their third full length album “Given Light” (Big Oil Recordings, 2020) – an album that fans and critics have been waiting for. In the labs of Less Win, post-punk is fused with no wave, forging a musical Frankenstein monster of angular guitars, distorted bass-lines and hard-hitting drumming combined with contrasting vocals. “Given Light” is layered with horns, percussion, harmonica, viola and flamenco guitar, challenging the post punk genre and filtering it through modern day sensibilities. Less Win are celebrating the release of “Given Light” with a release show at ALICE this October.


Josiah Konder


Josiah Konder is an ever evolving pop-rock ensemble from Copenhagen. Centered around the enigmatic songwriting of Julius Ernst, their sonic narrative travels from Southern Europe to the frigid thicket of urban melancholy. The music is simultaneously a transgression from, and an homage to, traditional songwriting; gently leading the tango down a complex road. Josiah Konder has released two albums, played at Roskilde Festival in 2019 and been on several European tours. They will play a support set before Less Win.


Fabienne Erato


Fabienne Erato creates sounds that seem to come from a deep abyss, where a not-yet-known conscience started navigating her own existence. She frees her creative intuition in silences and repetitions, through a slow, hypnotic, meditative process created through field-recordings, tape recorders and her Buchla Music Easel. In her moniker Fabienne Erato the Danish film sound designer and composer Anne Gry Friis Kristensen released her debut album (Pomperipossa Records); a quiet, profound and evocative kind of music, which has the ability of creating a poetic, never-static image of itself. Fabienne Erato has played as supporting act for Anna von Hausswolff on her Scandinavian tour in 2018. Erato will play a support set.

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