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JFDR IS + Sandrayati ID

Softly orchestrated folk pop from Iceland

Experience two of the finest examples of dazzling alternative pop soloists from the Icelandic music scene. Both JFDR and Sandrayati navigate between Nordic folk, dreamy atmospheres, and delicate instrumentation – the former comes with a recommendation from none other than Björk. Composer Ólafur Arnalds has left his ambient and neoclassical imprint on the soundscapes of both JFDR and Sandrayati.

JFDR, the latest project from Icelandic musician Jófríður Ákadóttir (Samaris, Pascal Pinon, Gangly), is a blend of cyclical guitar pieces, gentle minimal soundscapes, and poetic reflections on a journey that ends where it began. Drawing inspiration from classical, folk, and electronic backgrounds, JFDR unites the sound of shifting seasons. Her voice is like a current, flowing from rough seas to calm waters. Yet, perhaps JFDR’s greatest brilliance lies in her lyrical abilities. She employs vivid imagery to evoke the subtle emotions embedded in each song.

At the age of 29, Ákadóttir has already been a musician for half her life. She debuted with the twin-sister duo Pascal Pinon, releasing music on the Morr Music label at the tender age of 14. Her current and critically acclaimed album “Museum” is her third as JFDR, joining the ranks of her two previous equally praised albums.

Her music has charmed none other than Björk, who mentioned Ákadóttir as an inspiration in The Guardian: “… it was amazing to see her do her own stuff. She’s surrounded herself with a really authentic group of friends.”

Written about JFDR:
“With patient songwriting and gentle arrangements, the Icelandic art-pop musician portrays seismic emotional transformations through resounding moments of stillness.” (Pitchfork)

“Very haunting electro-pop music, that’s very subtle, very inward-looking” (NPR Music)

“The kind of album that might give you space to reach your own small revelations” (Stereogum).

Born to a Filipino mother and American father, and raised on the islands of Java and Bali, Sandrayati grew up embracing musical culture. Her parents, both of whom work with protecting the land rights of indigenous peoples, share a love of folk music and protest songs.

On her debut album “Safe Ground”, she offers a profound and mesmerising exploration of identity, love and courage. Produced by Grammy-nominated composer Ólafur Arnalds and inspired by the longing to define home, Sandrayati weaves many worlds into this body of work.

As someone who goes where the winds take her, Sandrayati cannot be confined to a singular sound or genre. Swirling around the folk-influenced guitar picking are myriad subtle textures created from synths and other electronic elements. What remains consistent is her intrinsic, tangible connection with nature.

Tuesday _17.10.23
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