Saturday 28.08.2021160 DKK

Islandman (TR) at Pumpehuset

Turkish psych and space funk

Islandman represents a fictional character, a music persona, a dreamer composing the stories of a non existing place, born from the musical dream of Istanbul based musician/producer Tolga Böyük. On stage Islandman Is an electro-acoustic trio, with Böyük on electronics, vocals and guitar, Eralp Güven on percussion and Erdem Başer on guitar as well. Their music is a unique mix of mellow electronic structures and dance beats with spacey live guitars, backed up by shamanic rhythms. Their first single “Agit” (Requiem) from 2017 was also the piece that connected the band with the Danish label Music for Dreams, run by the renowned Danish DJ Kenneth Bager.

After the successful liftoff, islandman released two full length albums and toured the world. Their new album “Kaybola” (which means to get lost to find a new way in Turkish), is composed of material from Japan to Bulgaria in compact electronic structures. Islandman brings Turkish Psychedelia or an African roots music reef together with a feeling of the electric universe. A universe compelling, inspiring and welcoming.

ALICE is thrilled to bring the project to Copenhagen for a show at Pumpehuset.

Saturday 28.08.2021
Doors at: 20:00
Concert at: 21:00
Price: 160 DKK incl. fee

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