Saturday _19.10.19140 DKK + fee

Dope Saint Jude & Missy Ness (ZA/TN)


Dope Saint Jude

Catherine Saint Jude Pretorius aka Dope Saint Jude is a South African drag king, rapper, producer and queer activist based in London. Born in Cape Town, she studied politics before she started South Africa’s first documented drag king troupe in 2011, performing as Saint Dude. In 2013, having learnt about performance through drag, she left the group to learn sound production and begin a career as Dope Saint Jude. In the span of less than 2 years, Saint Jude has rapidly gained international popularity for her ability to speak to various audiences through the Medium of hip-hop. With her new EP “Resilient”, the native of Cape Town and spokesperson of the queer movement offers us a raw rap and a prod bass music with grunge influences, looking to artists like Tupac and Riot Grrrl. This Autumn, ALICE proudly presents Dope Saint Jude feat. DJ and producer Missy Ness.

« Dope Saint Jude captures a moment in time: unapologetic, assertive and unique, her sound is just what 2018 needs » HUNGER

« Dope Saint Jude is the patron of south africa’s intersectional hip hop scene » VICE

« Activist and aspirant academic, Saint Jude injects her lyrics with catchy, clever wordplay that both parodies and parades positions of power .» AFROPUNK

Missy Ness

Missy Ness is an artist with an insatiable curiosity living between France and Tunisia. From Tunisian roots, she grew up in the popular 18th area in Paris, and started table-turning at the age of 16, sharpening both her technique and musical selections. Her music, intimately related to the urban cultures, takes influences from the five continents, with a specific focus on Maghreb and Middle East, where she travels on a regular basis looking for new sounds. Hip-hop, Drum n Bass, Trip-hop, Electro… Her sets are made up to build an atmosphere more than a style, but she is known for her talent in communicating enthusiasm and energy to her audience. On this night, Missy Ness will support Dope Saint Jude on stage as well as DJing before and after the show.


Saturday _19.10.19
Doors at: 20:00
Concert at: 21:00
Price: 140 DKK + fee

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