Thursday _06.10.22220 DKK + fee

Circuit des Yeux (US) + Spellcaster at Ideal Bar

Raw vocals, ominous atmospheres, and intense drama from incomparable singer

The Chicago-based musician Circuit des Yeux returns to Copenhagen with her intense songs and dramatic, raw vocals. In a trio setup, she will take over Ideal Bar presenting “-io”, one of her strongest albums to date. Spellcaster is opening with a solo set.

Note: This concert takes place in Ideal Bar

A fearless explorer and an extremely intense performer, Circuit des Yeux – aka American musician Haley Fohr – returns to Copenhagen with her powerful voice, haunting songs and atmospheric universe drawing from acid folk, dramatic rock, avantgarde and jazzy improvisation. Even though her expression may seem introverted, she captures her audience with great intensity with a voice reminiscent of great singers like Diamanda Galás, Patty Waters and Odetta.

Before the pandemic cast its weather of mourning on the world, and before she began weaving together her sixth album as Circuit Des Yeux, -io, Haley Fohr found herself grieving a close friend, a loss that severed her from her art. But at a residency at the gorgeous house of Robert Rauschenberg in sunny Florida, that seemed absurd in the middle of her grief, followed by a long, dark pandemic, Fohr began to cultivate a world inside the world, a world called -io, “a place where everything is ending all the time.” This became a space for her to begin moving again, but also the theme and the title of her new album. Unlike earlier guitar driven albums of Circuit des Yeux, “-io” is written on organ and piano for a 23-piece orchestra, gathering strings, horns, and drums around her daring vocal melodies. Circuit des Yeux has already played several sold out shows at ALICE, so don’t miss the chance to experience her with her trio, presenting one of her strongest albums to date. 

Photo: Evan Jenkins

Spellcaster is music drama; digital orchestral music, electronic manipulations and wavy soundscapes juxtaposed with pop sensibility within the lyrical narratives. Behind Spellcaster is composer holger hartvig, but Spellcaster and their opera memo (Anyines, 2022) include several characters. It is the character Anybardinthegrass, embodied by holger, who performs in Spellcaster this Thursday before Circuit des Yeux at Ideal Bar.

As part of both the pioneering and critically acclaimed groups Synd og Skam and LOL Beslutning, as well as in Brynje and boli group, holger hartvig has long been practicing a daring and unconventional approach to composing and producing and has been known as an intriguing voice in the frontier of the Copenhagen underground scene since the early 2010s.

Thursday _06.10.22
Venue: Ideal Bar
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 220 DKK + fee

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