Wednesday _11.05.22160 DKK + fee

Bedouin Burger (LB/SY) at Union

Maqam, jazz, and bedouin music with sweet electro grooves

The graceful Syrian singer Lynn Adib and the godfather of the Arabic indie scene, Zeid Hamdan, combine their bright talents in the project Bedouin Burger, blending maqam, jazz and bedouin music with sweet electronic grooves and crisp percussion.

This concert takes place in Union, Nørre Alle 7.

The Syrian Lebanon-based singer Lynn Adib has Arabic, jazz and Bedouin music flowing through her veins, writing and singing it so naturally it touches and elevates any sensitive soul. Born in Damascus, living in Lebanon, and now based in Paris, Adib authentically draws on several inspirations from her nomadic life. Zeid Hamdan has a unique flavor when it comes to producing and composing Arabic electro pop music. Known as one of the godfathers of the Arab indie scene, his contribution to its music is as essential as sun is to daylight, having restored a huge musical heritage to a whole generation. As a producer and multiinstrumentalist, Hamdan has worked with many prominent artists such as Soap Kills, The New Government, Katibe5, Shiftz, Hiba Mansouri and more. 

In Bedouin Burger, Lynn Adib and Zeid Hamdan combines their bright talents into groovy seductive tracks of beautiful traditional song, sweet electronic grooves and crisp percussion. With only 3 singles out on PopArabia, the Middle East branch of the American label Reservoir, the duo has gained a lot of interest already. We can’t wait to hear more when they play at ALICE this Spring.

Wednesday _11.05.22
Venue: Union
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 160 DKK + fee

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