Monday _02.03.2050 DKK + fee

ZOLA ‘Longing for belonging’ + Siri Byrkjedal

Alternative folk and improv jazz

For this Free Folk Monday we invite you to a special evening with two gifted musicians who blend folk music, singer/songwriter and jazz inspirations. One is from Germany, the other is from Norway, but both of them have become part of a vibrant music scene in Copenhagen. And both of them have assembled an international group of great musicians.


German vocalist and composer Zola Mennenöh has a background in jazz and classical music and have performed with renowned artists such as Greg Cohen and Kurt Rosenwinkel. With her new project, ‘Longing for belonging’, she focuses more on her own songwriting with flavours of folk, improvisation and chamber music. As the name indicates the project examines a feeling of longing and the search for a place to belong in the world. Zola and her band invites the listener into an intimate and sonically rich space.


Siri Byrkjedal has just released the beautiful album Songs for a Restless World” on the Oslo based label Koso. As a singer and songwriter she connects with a folk music tradition of protest songs and is built on the contrasts between the beautiful and harsh, calmness and chaos, doubt and trust. Siri Byrkjedal and her band creates a musical unvierse for everyone who feels concerned about the future, but also believe in our capability to make a better world. A feeling of community and calmness in a world dominated by individualism and restlessness. We’re excited to bring this powerful young songwriter to our Free Folk Mondays.

Monday _02.03.20
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 50 DKK + fee

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