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Thursday _24.03.22140 DKK + fee

Wayne Snow (NG) + Nah Eeto (KE) + DJ Agnete Hannibal

Soul, afrofuturism and rnb

Wayne Snow is Nigerian soul / R’n’B with compelling vocal, soft grooves and Afrofuturistic links. We’re looking forward to presenting him at ALICE with Kenyan rapper Nah Eeto opening the ball and DJ Tjiquita spinning some sweet tunes between the shows.

This concert takes place at URBAN 13.

There’s an undeniable warmth to Wayne Snow’s music, one that combines a contemporary take on the sun kissed, soulful vibes of his homeland with neo-soul, alternative pop, soultronica, and jazz. His musical heritage and upbringing in Nigeria listening to artists like Sade, King Sunny Ade, Marvin Gaye, and Fela Kuti shines through, as does a deep respect and love for Afrofuturism. It’s an integral part of his musical journey, a quest to shape sounds and express his vision of the future. Like Sun Ra before him, his goal is expansion – to situate his art on a different plane altogether, and to explore how music can inform the mind.

His work is alive in the truest sense, naturally channeling his Nigerian DNA and the rhythms of his upbringing. It’s no surprise that he’s drawn to bass and drums – “I make them ‘talk’”, he says – or that he sees melodies as color, to be swirled and mixed to shift moods and feelings. Live, he’s a revelation, possessing an absolute mastery of the stage that’s won over crowds from London’s Shepherds Bush Empire to Berlin’s Arena and beyond. We can’t wait to present Wayne Snow when he hits ALICE in March. 


Nah Eeto

The Nairobi native Nah Eeto has spent the last couple of years bridging the gap between Kenyan and UK hip hop, by creating a fusion style of rap which draws on influences from both cultures as she seamlessly switches from Swahili to English in her seducing songs. Nah Eeto is currently living in Copenhagen and we’re deeply honored to have her on the roster for this night.

Thursday _24.03.22
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 140 DKK + fee

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