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Eastern European folk music, quirky experiments, and magical rituals

With traditional instruments, everyday objects, and unique vocal harmonies, Sutari builds bridges between Eastern European folk music, quirky experiments, and magical rituals. In May, the excellent Polish trio returns to ALICE with a new album.

When one thinks of folk music, one often envisions the wandering minstrel traveling from place to place, playing songs. But for the three women in the Polish group Sutari, this image deserves some nuance. The traditions of folk music have also been passed down from generation to generation among the women who stayed at home. Folk songs have lulled children to sleep, but they have also provided rhythm and structure for everyday work – in the fields and in the kitchen.

The kitchen and its sounds have been an important starting point for Sutari. In their music, they blend traditional Eastern European folk music instruments with everyday objects from the kitchen – whisks, graters, and more. The result is a unique soundscape, a kind of homely and intimate free folk that draws on both deep folk music roots and techniques from the avant-garde tradition, and from this background, creates humorous, poetic, and feminist narratives – beautifully realized by the trio’s unique vocal harmonies.

Sutari has gained attention around the world with gripping performances at numerous festivals – including WOMEX, Fanø Free Folk Festival in 2017, among others. Not least, they delivered an unforgettable concert at ALICE in 2020. In the spring, they will release their new album “#LullabiesForTheWorld,” which, based on the trio’s feminist and political approach, draws on the lullaby tradition. “We want to sing FOR the World, the nature and people, to bring peace, to ease pain, to calm, to heal, to strengthen. Just like mother singing lullabies to her child passes serenity, love, knowledge and protection spells,” say the trio members about the new album. We look forward to presenting Sutari in May.

Kasia Kapela: vocals, violin, kankles, frame drums, beatbox
Basia Songin: vocals, Wolf bass, Owl violin, frame drums, looper
Dobromiła Życzyńska: vocals, violin, frame drums

Saturday _04.05.24
Venue: Stairway
Doors at: 20:00
Concert at: 21:00
Price: 160 DKK + fee

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