Saturday 21.10.2023160 DKK

Solo Salon: Margherita Pascariello + Laura Toxværd + Turkman Souljah – kurateret af Stefan Pasborg

Unfiltered and intimate solo format puts the spotlight on the best of the city's art scene

Intimacy, art, and cold beer! Solo Salon, curated by musician, curator, and idea-maker Stefan Pasborg, is gaining momentum as a unique series of events where we have the opportunity to get so close to the art that we can feel its breath. Each salon features a strong lineup of artists from the vibrant and creative Copenhagen scene in dance, theater, and music. After several captivating and moving evenings in previous years at different locations in the city, Stefan Pasborg continues his Solo Salons at ALICE throughout 2023. Please note: Turkman Souljah replaces Carsten Bjørnlund in the original lineup.

Solo Salon was created with the desire to create an evening focused on sublime and heartfelt artists without filters in a solo format with short performances of approximately 25 minutes. Solo Salon at ALICE puts the spotlight on three strong, hand-picked performers all alone on a small stage with minimal distance to the audience. This time, Margherita Pascariello (modern dancer), Laura Toxværd (saxophone player), and Turkman Souljah (musician) take the stage.

As a contrast to the three intimate solo performances, the evening concludes with an improvised concert featuring the legendary sound of the Hammond B3 organ and drums. A sound that has been associated with funk, jazz, sweat, celebration, and dance for decades. At each Solo Salon, a new duo formation of some of the best Danish musicians come together to deliver their take on this sound, based on improvisation, while delightful drinks are served at the bar—which, by the way, is open all evening. This evening, Emil de Waal (drums) and Jonas Berg (hammond organ) will join forces.

Schedule for the evening:

Laura Toxværd (saxophone)
Turkman Souljah (musician)
Margherita Pascariello (modern dancer)

Emil de Waal (drums)
Jonas Berg (hammond)

Saturday 21.10.2023
Venue: Stairway
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 160 DKK incl. fee
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