Monday _21.10.1950 DKK + fee

Rowan Coupland (UK) + Stringflip (SE/DK)

Psychedelic folk and nordic roots

A Berlin-based British bard with a harp, and a young string quartet playing groovy Nordic and Celtic folk music. This round of our Free Folk Mondays is bound to elevate you out of the Autumn gloom!


Rowan Coupland is a singer, harpist and guitarist. English-born, but Berlin-based, he sings soaring modern folksongs filtered through noise, avant-garde poetry, and the sounds of snow falling through urban smog. After establishing himself in Brighton’s neofolk scene, and becoming a member of the influential Willkommen collective, he left England by boat and went on to write about his experience travelling Europe (In the Ionian Sea, 2010), living in Parisian bookshops (Arènes de Lutèce, 2011), before leaving the continent entirely to chase whales and lost family members in Vancouver, Canada (Slow Wave of the Future, 2012). After finally returning to Europe, he settled in Berlin, where he began to write songs of urban decay and regeneration, abandoned hospitals filled with Asbestos Ghosts and foxes, and the city night time. He continues to tour, playing hundreds of shows across Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium and the UK. Rowan Coupland performed at Fanø Free Folk Festival in 2016, and we’re delighted to present his beautiful ballads at ALICE!


Stringflip is a young collective of gifted musicians with a refreshing take on folk traditions, mostly working with Nordic roots but also with journeys into Celtic folk music. As the name clearly expresses, the quartet is obsessed with strings. Tender melodies mix with sparkling grooves when Sofie Bollen (violin), Emma Kragh-Elmøe (violin), Albin Sundin (mandola) and Veronika Krøll Voetmann (cello) leads the audience through dancing tunes and infectious folk melodies. You might want to dance to this one!


Free Folk Monday is a folk club presented by ALICE and Fanø Free Folk Festival. On selected Mondays you can experience fresh, alternative takes on folk music from local artists as well as international acts. The entrance is cheap and the atmosphere is warm and intimate. 

Monday _21.10.19
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 50 DKK + fee

Door sale only50 DKK