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Rob & Flammer Dance Band (GH/NO)

Cosmic afro-funk from a Ghanaian legend

Shake your body to funk the ghanian way with Rob & Flammer Dance Band!

“Funky” Rob’s first-ever European tour in August 2019 was a ball! The flamboyant singer actuated his all-star cast of musicians through restless sets of two hours or more, relentlessly preaching Funk the Ghanaian way, before letting the whole affair collapse in a hoarse scream: “Do you want more?” Needless to say, he will be back in 2023 due to the massive public demand – the legendary performer was greeted by capacity audiences almost everywhere he played. Robert Roy Raindorf is one of the most enigmatic figures of West Africa’s 1970’s scene. After moving to Benin, Rob learned to play at a music school in Cotonou and later cut his teeth with the local music royalty. An experience which he then took home with him to Ghana, qualifying him to become the mastermind behind large funk outfits reflecting his love for American heavyweights like James Brown or Otis Redding.

After two albums (“Funky Rob Way”, 1977, “Make It Fast, Make It Slow”, 1978) on the fabled Essiebons imprint and a deleted one (“Hellfire”, 1981) he vanished into showbiz obscurity while remaining a well-respected member of his community managing several restaurants. Only in the “zero years” with its music bloggers, record diggers and revived interest in African sounds, Rob’s music was discovered again. His stand-out track “Make It Fast, Make it Slow” was sampled by characters like J Dilla and Camp Lo and has ever since been a hit on the dance floors worldwide. But it took the man himself another 10 years to seek the limelight again.

On the upcoming tour, Oslo’s own Flammer Dance Band will accompany Rob. This heavy Afro psychedelic outfit is being run by a bunch of former breakdancers who, years ago, have been perfecting their moves by rocking and popping to Rob’s Afro funk. For them, this collaboration is a dream come true. The energetic 7 piece is all about vintage synths, space out effects, hip shaking grooves, and headbanging breaks! Tight ass rhythm, and quality musicianship, with the freedom, spontaneity and energy of a jam band.

Tickets: 180 DKK (90 DKK with a valid student card)

Wednesday _18.01.23
Venue: Huset
Doors at: 20:00
Concert at: 21:00
Price: 180 DKK + fee

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