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Raja Kirik (ID) + Snöleoparden & Henning Frimann Duo

Javanese roots and electronic

Raja Kirik


Raja Kirik – aka Yennu Ariendra (Yes No Wave) and J “Mo’ong” Santoso Pribadi – tries to capture the theatrical Javanese folk dance called “Jaranan Buto”. The dance portrays a bunch of giant horsemen riding giant horses. It was developed in 1963 on Banyuwangi the eastern part of Java island. This dance incorporates trance and magic trick lead by a shaman with a typical Java syncretic ritual related to the ancient Java animism, Hinduism and Islam. The war and the anger, that takes part in Jaranan Buto has a strong connection with the history of Banyuwangi – a history of fear, hatred and the defeat of a peoples’ culture and dignity.


The urge to create a new work out of it is not as simple as conserving tradition or uplifting Indonesia’s exotic culture to the eye of the world. “Jaranan Buto” itself reflected the struggles faced by a lot of people in the world. With traditional instruments and live electronics, Raja Kirik creates a seductive and transcendent live experience that should not be missed out on. 


Snöleoparden & Henning Frimann Duo


The Danish duo Snöleoparden (Jonas Stampe) and Henning Frimann have been a regular couple for 14 years and have earned praise worldwide with their unique interaction and distinctive sound. Frimann with roots in experimental music, sound installations and performance, while Snöleoparden – with his extensive knowledge of gamelan – has played with Indonesian musicians and experimented with trance-like music. Together, they have worked with industrial, DIY instruments, Balinese gamelan, krautrock, noise, rave parties, fusion with traditional music from all over the world and much more. The sound of Snöleoparden & Henning Frimann is constantly evolving and must be experienced live. The duo announced a new album in 2020, which they promised to give a preview of at the concert at ALICE.




Wednesday 05.02.2020
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 120 DKK incl. fee

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