Friday 04.03.2022120 DKK

One Take Records: Annual General Meeting – Day 2

Abstract electronic and experimental

One Take Records warmly welcomes you to its ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2022 – A two-day party, with performances from One Take Records artists and friends.

Expect a wild platter of live performances with everything from distorted drums, gaming music, sumptuous synths, brooding vistas, D&B infused love songs & dystopian minimalism spread across the different rooms at Musikhuset [FKA Copenhagen Musuem]. One Take Records is an independent record label founded in 2014.

One day ticket: 120 DKK
Partout: 200 DKK

Programme, Friday March 4th // Thursday, March 3rd


Xanadune, the moniker of Copenhagen based musician and artist Wilhelm Dahl, opens day two of the One Take Records Annual General Meeting with fluffy, foresty, and mystical modern experimental computer music, pulling from the realms of dungeon synth and video game soundtracks. A mellow injection of medieval adventurous cute-core.

Berlin-based Bağlama player and singer, DeryaYıldırım, has been the spearhead of the Turkish-European crossover for several years. She studied at the university of arts Berlin and is singer of the psychedelic folk band Grup Şimşek. One Take Records AGM is happy to present her first solo show in Denmark!

Industrial beats, musique concrete and a brooding vista call you forth into AKELAS world; where the only law is jungle law. ‘AKELAs ufravigelige puls, der peger i retning af dansegulvets ekstase’ – Passive/Aggressive om AKELAS ‘The Destruction of Mankind’. 

Mana Pool is a synth and drums trio who have built a strong following thanks to their rare but intense & mesmerising live performances. The acoustic and analog merge into an organic and playful soundscape – that ranges from vast open storytelling, to condensed pulse-oriented universes.


This event is supported by Tuborgfondet.

Friday 04.03.2022
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 120 DKK incl. fee

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