Monday _09.09.24130 DKK + fee

Nebula: Give The Drummer Some – OPENING WEEK

Magnificent inauguration ritual for six drummers

What happens when six drummers come together in a symbiosis of rhythmic beats and free tones? The collective Nebula presents ‘Give The Drummer Some’ – a concert featuring the six outstanding resident drummers Anja Jacobsen, Simin Stine Ramezanali, Siv Øyunn, Ying-Hsueh Chen, Rune Kielsgaard, and Frederik Bülow, who will collectively improvise a magnificent inauguration ritual for ALICE’s concert hall on Nørre Allé.

Like a pulsating heart, the rhythms of drums have always bound us together in a symbiosis of sound and movement. From the rigid and stubborn beats to the elastic and free tones, drums possess a plethora of expressions and potential. The omnipresent and community-building power of drums, and their essential role across various music genres, make it entirely fitting and necessary to inaugurate ALICE’s concert hall on Nørre Allé with a grand improvised drum ritual presented by Nebula.

Nebula is a Copenhagen-based platform that, through improvisation under the title ‘improvised vibrations,’ seeks to break down barriers between musical genres and environments, creating a space where all directions are possible. Nebula works with changing ensembles of musicians, and for this inauguration ritual, they have invited six outstanding resident drummers, from different musical backgrounds, to warm and welcome ALICE’s hall on Nørre Allé.

Anja Jacobsen
Simin Stine Ramezanali
Siv Øyunn
Ying-Hsueh Chen
Rune Kielsgaard
Frederik Bülow

Monday _09.09.24
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 130 DKK + fee

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