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Sunday _27.08.23160 DKK + fee

Kind of ALICE: Hvalfugl – Matiné concert – SOLD OUT

Sparkling jazzy folk music for the Nordic nights

The Aarhus-based trio Hvalfugl belongs to an exciting young generation of musicians who bridge the gap between Nordic folk music and the sound of jazz. There is a sparkling freshness and a unique lyrical nerve in their approach to jazz-infused folk music for our time, and their playful interplay gracefully transports you to both bright Nordic nights and the autumnal glow of treetops.

With their captivating instrumental expression, the Aarhus-based trio Hvalfugl has thrilled both audiences and critics since the release of their debut album, By, in 2017. Jonathan Fjord Bredholt’s elegant piano figures and atmospheric harmonium textures intertwine with Jeppe Lavsen’s crystalline guitar themes and Anders Juel Bomholt’s swaying double bass in a way that creates both unity and intricate richness. Simultaneously, their music creates space for the listener’s own inner images, whether one gets carried away by the strong melodic threads or sinks into the deep, atmospheric layers.

There is a balance between lightness and heaviness, carefree summer vibes and unfathomable autumn melancholy. This balance can also be found in the Danish and Swedish folk music traditions, from which Hvalfugl draws much of their inspiration.

Lineup: Jonathan Fjord Bredholt: Piano

Jeppe Lavsen: Guitar

Anders Juel Bomholt: Double Bass

Sunday _27.08.23
Venue: Stairway
Doors at: 14:00
Concert at: 15:00
Price: 160 DKK + fee

Udsolgt160 DKK
Sold out