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Jim White & Marisa Anderson AU/US – OPENING WEEK

Two masterful instrumentalists come together in a symbiotic improv project

The two masterful instrumentalists Marisa Anderson and Jim White (Dirty Three, Xylouris White) converge in a symbiotic improv project, where Anderson’s fluid guitar playing and White’s frantic, rolling drum patterns come together in magical harmony. Following their outstanding debut “The Quickening” (2020), which sent waves of joy through the entire alternative music scene, they are now releasing their second album and performing during the opening week on Nørre Allé.

Marisa Anderson and Jim White are two distinct and masterful instrumentalists, whose collective discography includes numerous projects across the folk, indie rock, and avant-garde spectrum. Marisa Anderson’s guitar playing is fluid, emotive, and masterful, exploring American traditional styles alongside minimalism, drone, and electronic music. Technically, the Portland-based guitarist moves between modern classical music and West African fingerpicking techniques she learned by playing with Tuareg guitarists like Mdou Moctar. Australian New York-based Jim White made his mark in the early 90s with the legendary Melbourne post-rock trio Dirty Three before establishing himself as a sought-after collaborator for names like Will Oldham, Nick Cave, Smog, and Nina Nastasia. Notably, Jim White is also one half of the duo Xylouris White, which has performed several outstanding concerts at ALICE.

Both Marisa Anderson and Jim White are known as sonic adventurers with highly intuitive approaches to their instruments. This shared sensitivity and aesthetic understanding of music manifest in an almost symbiotic interplay when Anderson and White come together as a duo. This was first expressed in their debut “The Quickening” (Thrill Jockey, 2020), which was improvised directly in the studio without prior rehearsals or trials. The magic of pure improvisation unfolds in dynamic and sonically rich pieces, rolling and swelling through arrhythmic peaks and valleys. “The Quickening” sent waves through the entire alternative music scene and received rave reviews from Pitchfork, among others. Marisa Anderson and Jim White are now releasing their second album, and as part of this, they will perform a concert at ALICE during the opening week of Nørre Allé. It’s a match made in heaven!

Said about Jim White & Marisa Anderson
“White’s powerful sense of flowing no-time works in elegant tandem with Anderson’s phrasing, joining to create a unified third voice that is neither exactly rhythmic nor melodic.” – Pitchfork

Wednesday _11.09.24
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