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Jards Macalé BR + DJ Carla from Batukizer BR/DK

Visionary tropicalia legend celebrates the 50th anniversary of his masterpiece

Last year, the visionary Brazilian tropicalia legend Jards Macalé celebrated the 50th anniversary of his first self-titled album from 1972 – an album where seductive samba and bossa nova meet gritty rock, classical harmonies, and improvisational jazz. The album has recently experienced a revival, inspiring many new artists with a rebellious spirit. We are honored to present the now 80-year-old Macalé as he visits ALICE to perform “Jards Macalé” with a full band. The renowned DJ Carla from Batukizer (Carla Schack) warms up the party before the concert with an Afro/Brazilian vinyl set and live percussion.

The Rio de Janeiro-born musician, singer, actor, and producer Jards Macalé (also known as Macalé) has defined himself for over five decades as one of the most influential Brazilian artists and as a role model for courage, integrity, and artistic freedom for generations. Macalé began his musical journey during the heyday of the 1960s tropicalia movement and collaborated with stars such as Gal Costa, Gilberto, and Caetano Veloso. However, as tropicalia gained increasing international attention and popularity, Jards Macalé distanced himself, arguing that the movement had lost its artistic independence and integrity.

The visionary and rebellious spirit runs like a common thread throughout Jards Macalé’s career. He is an artist who has never succumbed to the culture industry or accepted the standardization of aesthetic movements. Macalé’s impressive biography is a testament to the electrifying power of music and his unwavering spirit of artistic rebellion. Throughout his more than 50 years in music, Jards Macalé has remained true to his vision, fearlessly embracing the unconventional and challenging the status quo through socially critical and genre-defying works.

In 2022, Jards Macalé celebrated the 50th anniversary of his self-titled debut album “Jards Macalé,” which has achieved the status of a groundbreaking masterpiece released by Philips in 1972. The iconic record includes classics such as “Vapor Barato,” “Mal Secreto,” “Farinha do Desprezo,” “Revendo Amigos,” and “Hotel das Estrelas,” which have since been interpreted by Brazilian stars including Gal Costa. The album, where Brazilian genres like samba and bossa nova merge with edgy rock, classical harmonies, and unruly improvisational jazz, attests to Macalé’s visionary and courageous approach to music and his challenge to the tropicalia movement’s sound. Over the years, a new generation of musicians has discovered “Jards Macalé” from 1972, giving the album a revival and a renewed relevance while inspiring new collaborations.

Last year, Jards Macalé assembled a powerful new band and set stages across Brazil alive with vibrant performances, and now he is heading to Europe. Alongside Gui Held on guitar, Pedro Dantas on bass, and Maria Portugal on drums, Macalé will perform his debut album “Jards Macalé,” which has also been reissued for the tour. We are proud to present him at ALICE in March. The renowned DJ Carla from Batukizer (Carla Schack) warms up the party before the concert with an Afro/Brazilian vinyl set and live percussion.

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Thursday _07.03.24
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