Thursday _10.11.22120 DKK + fee

Jacob Kirkegaard: LANDET + Kirstine Vindelev: IMITATIONER AF LIV at H15 + DJ Filen (Søstre i Trance) // Gong Tomorrow 2022

Gala opening of this year's Gong Tomorrow Festival

The divide between the city and the countryside, and the alienation from the agriculture that provides us with food on the table every day, are the driving forces behind the two opening works created for this year’s Gong Tomorrow Festival. Join the gala opening at H15 in Kødbyen and experience the incessant, roaring machinery of agriculture in the first performance of Jakob Kirkegaard’s LANDET and four classical singers and a percussionist performing Kirstine Vindelev’s choral work for animal sounds, IMITATIONER AF LIV. DJ Filen will play a set after the concerts.

About Gong Tomorrow

Gong Tomorrow 2022 is a festival for multispecies listening happening between 10-12. November. Giving the microphone to everything that is more than human, the festival presents a wild-growing programme of experimental music, sound art and new works, showing ways to feel the connection with other species. The festival is presented in collaboration with ALICE.

Thursday _10.11.22
Venue: H15
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 120 DKK + fee

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