Tuesday 21.04.2020120 DKK

Good Morning (AU) + Whistler

Lo-fi rock

Due to the widespread global situation with Corona virus/COVID-19, Good Morning has sadly been forced to cancel their Spring tour. This means that their concert at ALICE on April 21st is cancelled. All purchased tickets will be refunded via Billetto. Please stay tuned about updates on ALICE and the Corona virus situation here.

Good Morning is a two piece recording project made up of Stefan Blair (Gemini) and Liam Parsons (Aries) from Melbourne, Australia. The two met in high school and have been writing songs ever since. In 2013, they bought a Foxtex 4 track tape machine; Good Morning is the result of that investment. They have released two mildly received EPs, Shawcross and Glory, and some similarly received singles. In October 2019, they returned with their second album this year, Basketball Breakups. Following The Option from April and last year’s Prize // Reward, Basketball Breakups distils Good Morning into just over twenty minutes of scrappy, melodic, melancholy guitar music. While The Option was tightly rehearsed and made with the vision of true Rock Record in mind, Basketball Breakups was recorded while it was arranged, on digital and tape, never laboured over. In a live setting they are joined by James Macleod (Libra) and John Considine(Sagittarius). Together they have performed in the United States at CMJ Music Marathon and most of Australia, but also Europe, where they played at Stengade, Nørrebro a coule of years ago. We’re looking forward to having them playing at ALICE with support from the new Mayhem based quartet, Whistler.



Tuesday 21.04.2020
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 120 DKK incl. fee