Saturday _12.11.22270 DKK + fee

Lotic + Jana Rush + Marie Kølbæk Iversen & Katinka Vindelev + Ingri Høyland Aske Zidore + DJ Filen (Søstre i Trance) + Kornmod // Gong Tomorrow 2022

A 12 hour event of sound, art and music in the wilderness of Ryparken
Dear audience
As many in the cultural sector we’re having a big challenge selling tickets. We’re sorry to announce that, due to this, Gong Tomorrow’s Festival Finale at IBOS on November 12. 2022 is cancelled. All purchased tickets will be refunded automatically via Billetto. We’re working on new dates for the event in the future.
Luckily, not all of Gong Tomorrow is cancelled! The festival opening at H15 in Kødbyen on November 10. with Jacob Kirkegaard, Kirstine Vindelev and Filen is still happening:
And so is the debate and performance at RMC on November 11:

The last day of Gong Tomorrow 2022 offers a 12-hour event of sound, art, and music in the magical wilderness of Ryparken

PROGRAMME (more acts TBA)
Lotic (US)
Jana Rush (US)
Marie Kølbæk Iversen & Katinka Vindelev
Ingri Høyland, Ida Urd, Sofie Birch og Lea Guldditte: Ode to Stone – Musik for nye naturnationalparker
Aske Zidore: Lærkeanimationer
DJ Filen (Søstre i Trance)

About Gong Tomorrow
Gong Tomorrow 2022 is a festival for multispecies listening taking place between the 10-12 november. Giving the microphone to everything that is more than human, the festival presents a wild-growing programme of experimental music, sound art and new works, showing ways to feel the connection with other species. The festival is presented in collaboration with ALICE.

Saturday _12.11.22
Venue: Institut for Blinde og Svagtseende
Doors at: 14:00
Concert at: 15:00
Price: 270 DKK + fee

Aflyst270 DKK