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Tuesday 24.11.202080 DKK

Esther + Max Morris + Konsistent

Experimental electronic and audiovisual

In a second collaboration between Alice and Noisy Beehive the collective will present two audio/visual concerts by experimental electronic music collective Esther and Copenhagen based producer Konsistent. The concerts will be animated with live visuals by Max Morris who uses a mix of digital collage and analogue ‘Liquid Light’ displays, with methods and materials inherited from the psychedelia generation.

Copenhagen-based music collective Esther plays music that is driven by the desire and curiosity to play around with sound and to explore different timbres and expressions. The compositions take their starting point in live-sampled improvisations on piano, saxophone, loopers, samplers, guitar and synthesizers, which are subsequently taken apart, cut up and put back together again as a sound collage. The aesthetics are neither analogue nor digital, but explores a lively, warm and harmonic landscape somewhere in between.

Max Morris, a multi-disciplinary artist from Manchester, now based in Copenhagen. Morris‘ work ranges from sight specific video installations to documentary and performative cinema as well as costume making and special effects. Being an artist in residence at Brønshøj Vandtårn, for the last two years, Max Morris has been working with Noisy Beehive and various different musicians and bands to create unforgettable and mesmeric visual concerts. Max uses a mix of digital collage and analogue ‘Liquid Light’ displays, with methods and materials inherited from the psychedelia generation. Inks and chemicals are mixed together on 5cm glass slides and placed within a 60’s slide projector. The volatile mixture is heated in front of a 1000w bulb, the resulting microscopic reactions and crystallisations are simultaneously magnified and projected on a cinematic scale.

Copenhagen based producer Konsistent has been putting up some hypnotic live performances for a while, going deeper and more complex every time. His productions somehow merge together different and distant aspects of the sound he is inspired by. Having a special passion for 80s wave music and Krautrock, it’s unforeseeable freedom of experimentation that he reaches in his live performances. It is music that slowly engulfs the listener’s full attention, syncing it completely with those spell bounding rhythms. Konsistent was Noisy Beehive’s DJ in residence for a while and had an unforgettable concert at Brønshøj Vandtårn last fall.


Tuesday 24.11.2020
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 80 DKK incl. fee

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