Thursday _12.09.19100 DKK + fee

El Juntacadáveres: The Amazing World of Juan Carlos Onetti (UR)

Modern tango

A day filled with movies, food, conferences and music in honor of Juan Carlos Onetti! 



Kl 17-18: Argentine food at café Send Flere Krydderier – Nørre Allé 7

Kl 18-19: Free artist talk with saxophonist Enrique Noviello of El Juntacadáveres and the Argentinean Carlos A. Villanustre at Union KBH. More info here: The Influential Juan Carlos Onetti

Kl 20: live concert with El Juntacadáveres at ALICE (tickets here)


Juan Carlos Onetti is one of the most underrated South-American writers of the last half of the XXth century. His literature has been acclaimed by intellectuals and artists of his generation until now. On Thursday September 12th at ALICE Cph, get ready to discover the Amazing World of Juan Carlos Onetti, musicalized by the Belgium based six piece progressive tango band “El Juntacadáveres” that for the last 10 years have been writing music inspired in Onetti’s literature. Together with visual artist Jo Smiths, jump into a total experience into the life and work of this amazing author. 

Thursday _12.09.19
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 100 DKK + fee

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