Thursday _19.09.19100 DKK + fee

De Må Være Belgiere release concert

Art punk

Legendary Danish post punk band De Må Være Belgiere returns with new album. The release is marked with a concert at ALICE – the band’s first concert in 33 years! The 3 original DMVB members Jesper Hede (vocal, guitar), Nils Skovbjerg (guitar) and Jacob Leth (bass) are joined by Mark Winter (drums), when the band returns with their noisy and idiosyncratic, yet very melodic expression. In the music you can hear influences from such bands as Velvet Underground, Joy Division, Josef K & Loop – combined with a lyrical expression drawing writers like René Char, Henri Michaux and Samuel Beckett. To celebrate the release of the new album, they have invited Fredlife to perform as well.

Note that Distortion Girls who were also set to play, have had to cancel. Therefore, Fredlife will start at 20.30 and De Må Være Belgiere will play around 22.00.


Thursday _19.09.19
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:30
Price: 100 DKK + fee

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