Thursday 09.06.2022150 DKK

Cakes Da Killa (US) + Guedra Guedra (MA) + DJ Emma Schack B2B Tia Turn Tables at Valby Kulturhus

Queer high-energy 90's hip-hop and North African polyrhythms

High energy 90s grit, club beats and North African polyrhythms. This summer, ALICE presents an irresistible double bill with the queer hip hop phenomenon Cakes Da Killa and the eclectic Moroccan DJ/producer Guedra Guedra. Emma Schack B2B Tia Turn Tables (Future Female Sounds) will spin some sweet tunes between the concerts.

Cakes Da Killa
Cakes Da Killa is a leading figure of the queer hip-hop explosion in New York that took place in 2011. His witty flow and unapologetic delivery helped push him to the forefront of discussion as the media’s interest in LGBTQ+ visibility and themes in hip-hop heightened. Ever since, Cakes has remained a staple for alternative voices in music, promoting black excellence as well as LGBTQ+ visibility garnering the MC praise from the likes of Red Bull, Afropunk and The Fader. Mixing 90’s grit with high energy club beats, Cakes’ unique persona quickly cemented him as one of the most dynamic lyricists to hit airwaves fusing hip-hop, electronic and dance. 

A string of singles, collaborations with respected producers such as LSDXOXO, Honey Dijon and DJ Shiftee, mixtapes Hunger Pangs (2014) and #IMF (2015), several tv appearances, syncs and tours around the world, finally prompted the release of his much anticipated debut album Hedonism in the fall of 2016 and latest the EPs MUVALAND and MUVALAND VOL. 2. 

Guedra Guedra
Under the alias Guedra Guedra, Abdellah M Hassak combines modern club music with traditional rhythms from North and West Africa in high-energy dance numbers. The name Guedra Guedra comes from the Berber folklore dance Guedra and reflects the project’s involvement with North African tribal culture, especially Berber culture. With a conviction that music traditions are tightly linked to its specific places and contexts, Abdellah explores and documents Moroccan and North African rituals and traditions through field recordings. It gives Guedra Guedra’s productions a special sensibility, as the field recordings fill the psychedelic beats with rhythms and sounds that could never have been created in the studio. 

Already with his debut EP “Son of Sun” (On the Corner, 2020), Guedra Guedra quickly established himself on the international music scene with attention and recognition from Pitchfork, the Guardian, Resident Advisor and many more. The subsequent album “Vexillology” (On the Corner, 2021) reflects on some of the prejudices that are mistakenly associated with African cultures, such as barbarism and savagery, through intense and gripping dance music with lots of raw energy. 

We can’t wait to present this double bill with Cakes Da Killa and Guedra Guedra this Summer. Emma Schack B2B Tia Turn Tables (Future Female Sounds) will spin some sweet tunes between the concerts.

Note: The concert takes place in Valby Kulturhus and is part of ALICE’s membership programme

Thursday 09.06.2022
Venue: Valby Kulturhus
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 150 DKK incl. fee

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