Friday _03.05.24130 DKK + fee

Alterlatino Night: Pehuenche MX + Luiz Murá BR + Julian Maraboto MX/DK

An evening packed with lively Latin American tones

An evening packed with lively Latin American tones at ALICE. Experience Pehuenche’s fusion of Mexican popular music, 60s folk, and rock, Brazilian Luiz Murá’s deeply personal take on bossa nova, and resident Mexican musician Julian Maraboto’s multifaceted project that travels through genres such as rock, cumbia, blues, and Mexican ranchera.

Pehuenche is the solo artist project of Veracruz-based musician Rafael Mesa Zamudio. His music draws on Mexican popular music, Latin American songs, and rhythms, as well as rock, pop, and folk from the 60s. With the many influences, Pehuenche creates a soundscape drenched in organic sounds, style, and form. Pehuenche has played at countless festivals worldwide and in 2022 was named Revelation Artist at the LAMC Festival in New York. Now he is ready to play at ALICE.

Luiz Murá
With a huge fascination for bossa nova, improvisation, jazz, and traditional music, Luiz Murá seeks to connect Brazil with other melodies and rhythms around the world. His new album “Origem” is a tribute to the music of the legendary João Gilberto, who passed away in the summer of 2019. With a Brazilian rosewood “Jacarandá Bahia” guitar, his vocals, and 2 condenser c414 microphones, Luiz seeks to connect with the intimacy and detail of the original bossa nova. With this, he also connects with his origins and seeks to take an authentic step forward from the bossa nova tradition.

Julian Maraboto
Julian Maraboto is from Mexico and is a resident of Denmark, from where he presents his solo project as well as the multicultural group Los Fuegos, who in 2014 were nominated for the Danish Music Awards as Live Name of the Year in the World category. Maraboto’s style travels through rhythms and themes, from rock to cumbia, through blues, and to Mexican ranchera. His voice is strong and lively and the lyrics are a reflection of the multicultural experiences that his many trips between Mexico and Denmark have offered and where the central issue is the integration of cultures in a world where there is a strong need for respect between society and acceptance of different social, political and religious ideas.

ALICE at Stairway
While the concert hall at Nørre Allé 7 is undergoing renovation, ALICE is located at the music venue Stairway in Vanløse.

Friday _03.05.24
Venue: Stairway
Doors at: 20:00
Concert at: 21:00
Price: 130 DKK + fee

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