Friday 17.06.2022120 DKK

ALICE Works // ENTRETELA: Sús & Àiyé (PT/BR) feat. Kristin Wichstrøm (NO)

A ceremonial performance created with participation from the audience

A random encounter between the two artists Sús (Susana Nunes) and Àiyé (Larissa Conforto) became the beginning of a blooming creative project. As a part of ALICE Works, they are inviting you to ENTRETELA – a ceremonial performance created with participation from the audience.

Please note: the concert takes place at Union

“Life is the art of encounter, even though there’s so much mismatch in life” – Vinicius de Moraes.

Meeting weekly through a screen, Sús aka Susana Nunes and Àiyé aka Larissa Conforto deepened their connection while investigating the universe of rituals, symbols, sounds, combining arts and technology as tools for creation in times of isolation. The two artists briefly shared the same coordinates, two springs ago, meeting in a beautifully orchestrated accident: In the midst of an unpredictable night in Lisbon. Since then, magic has begun: They started to share their joys and concerns, and finally their books, knowledge, music production tips, and visions of the future, all the time working on an artistic process with the encounter as a turning point. 

With the participation from the audience, Sús and Àiyé this night at AULA will create the work ENTRETELA (entre- + tela = between- + screen) – a performance with ceremonial and immersive characteristics. Exactly how it will turn out and which forms it will take is not yet clear. But it will be the fruit that comes out of the whole process – the many encounters between the two artists, and the participation from the audience at two open sessions before the concert. As an extra layer to the work, Sús and Àiyé have invited the Norwegian visual artist Kristin Wichstrøm.

Would you like to join ENTRETELA?
Online session open to the public 23/5/2022 5-6.30PM

  • The artists will share ideas, proposals and their creative processes while discussing possibilities for the performance.

Session of participatory creation 15/6/2022

  • This session will take place in Copenhagen

Attend via this link: https://forms.gle/92KfbeCbFmKSMRq99  

About Sús and Àiyé
Sús is the solo project of Susana Nunes, a Portuguese performer, composer, producer and mixed-media artist based in Copenhagen. Her sound inhabits the suburbs of pop, in an unnamed district surrounded by folklore, electronica and experimentalism. Sús touches matters like cycles and relations, wounds, grief and alchemic-like transitional states.

Àiyé is Larissa Conforto – A drummer, composer, performer, producer, and sonic artist from Rio, now based in São Paulo – Brazil. With a bachelor degree in phonographic production, she worked as artistic producer in albums by Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque, Alceu Valença, Moraes Moreira, and others. In 2020 she released the solo album “Gratitrevas” (Balaclava Records) and has toured Brazil and Portugal.

About ALICE Works
ALICE Works was born from an Open Call initiative launched by ALICE during the COVID-19 lockdown in early 2021. An attempt at developing new music, collaborations and experimental formats in a time of crisis. The concert series will present both Danish and international artists chosen via the Open Call process and will take place during 2021 and 2022.

Friday 17.06.2022
Venue: Union
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 120 DKK incl. fee

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