ALICE’s current venue situation

For the past year, ALICE has been arranging concerts at external venues around Copenhagen. This is because ALICE rents a municipal building, and for more than one year we haven’t been able to use it due to a defective ventilation system. 

The Copenhagen property unit (KEID) as part of the City of Copenhagen is responsible for changing the ventilation system. It is KEID’s estimate that ALICE can move back by the end of May 2023 after more than two years without a physical venue. The construction itself is estimated to take just 6-8 weeks to complete.

The situation is particularly serious for ALICE. We have incurred a lot of extra expenses and a massive loss of income due to not having our own venue. In 2021, ALICE has gone 2,5 mio. DKK back in earnings compared to our latest year of normal activity (2019). We expect a deficit of approximately 1,2 mio. DKK in 2021.

How does this affect you as a musician, booker, or audience?
ALICE will keep arranging concerts. We are a regional venue governmentally obliged to present 245 concerts in 2022 within our musical field. We are ALICE because we love music, love to work for music, and love the communities that grow out of music. 

Due to our current situation, we kindly ask the audience to pay extra attention to the venues of the concerts you have bought a ticket for, and to read the emails we’re sending you with information about the specific concerts – because our concerts will take place at different music venues. 

Upcoming concerts
Regarding upcoming shows and activity, we have been forced to implement a full cessation of activities due to our economic situation. This means that we are not able to make new bookings as of right now. Already confirmed shows will take place.

The cessation of activity applies until we, through the political discussions we have, have found a solution that ensures sound operation under the current and very challenging conditions.

For a complete description of the situation, we refer to the City of Copenhagen’s own case presentation from a meeting of the Culture and Leisure Committee on 31 March 2022.

You can also read Kulturmonitor’s comprehensive article on the situation from 28/4/2022. Dagbladet Information wrote about the situation in the newspaper’s editor 2/5/2022 [both in Danish].

If you have questions about specific concerts, you can contact us at info@alicecph.com

If you have questions about the case in general, you can contact our general manager Bjarke Svendsen at: bjarke@alicecph.com / tel. 4083 252

We can’t wait to welcome you back to the venue at Nørre Allé 7 as soon as they are ready!