ALICE Archives – a series of exclusive video sessions

Selvhenter session at ALICE Archives – Photo: Adriana Zak

While waiting for the reopening of music venues, ALICE is launching a new project with exclusive video sessions on February 26th. 

Even though the corona lockdown keeps music venues closed, and the entire Vinterjazz Festival got cancelled this year, the music is still alive. 

While waiting and longing to invite our treasured audience to concerts again, we’re taking advantage of these weird times to support local artists and bring the music out to you all instead.

We’re proud to launch ALICE Archives – a series of exclusive video sessions.

In February, we have invited 9 local acts, who we consider some of the most interesting right now and who at the same time reflect most parts of our broad musical profile. Basco’s vital take on nordic folk, the gifted saz player Orhan Turan, experimental jazz with Caktus, EYES’ devastating hardcore and more more. Last but not least, we are proud to present one of the headliners of what should have been this year’s Vinterjazz program – Selvhenter. 

In collaboration between film director Frigge Fri and our team of dedicated tech crew and volunteers, the sessions have been shot in our venue. Instead of live streams, we are presenting 9 short and intense concert videos which will be presented on our channels this Spring and which will hopefully also be the beginning of a concert video archive.

We are launching the first ALICE Archives video on February 26th. During March, we will announce 2-3 videos a week. You can follow the project here on our website, where we will upload the videos continuously, or you can follow the Facebook event.

We’re looking forward to present ALICE Archive video sessions with:

Orhan Turan
Dawda Jobarteh
Francesca Burattelli
Astrid Sonne