ALICE Archives — a series of exclusive video sessions

ALICE Archives is our new channel for documentation with intense and intimate videos shot at ALICE by director Frigge Fri.

ALICE Archives videos

EHM / Ammar 808 / Narcosatánicos / VÍÍK / Nadia Tehran / Astrid Sonne / Casper Clausen, Xuri & Ferow Maw / Basco ft. Jullie Hjetland / Caktus / Dawda Jobarteh / EYES / slim0 / Francesca Burattelli / Orhan Özgür Turan / Selvhenter


When radical vocalist and performer Marcela Lucatelli teams up with Erik Kimestad Pedersen’s extended trumpet techniques and Henrik Olsson’s unconventional guitar playing they create a sound that has been described as inhuman human noise. Watch their powerful performance that wraps up ALICE Archives.


Immerse yourself in futuristic sounds, global inspirations and heavy dance grooves in this ALICE Archives session with Ammar 808. With Tunesian roots, a cosmopolitical mind and a profound love for the deep groove of the legendary Roland TR-808 drum machine, visionary producer Sofyann Ben Youssef delivers just the party we need right now!


Hailing from Aarhus, Narcosatánicos is a beast with many heads moving with fierce energy and power through a landscape of noise rock, proto-punk, doom, free jazz, and much more. You never know exactly where they will take you, but you always know that the band delivers an assault on the senses, just like they do in this ALICE Archives session.


With members from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, the pan-scandinavian sextet VÍÍK moves effortlessly between hypnotic melodies from the Nordic song traditions, the wry, but yet elegant aesthetic of jazz and the catchy grooves of rock while luring the audience into a an enchanting universe of mysterious medieval ballads and fairytales.


An explosive mix of pop melodies and rhythmic electro beats, glamour and rough punk-attitude, art and activism. Iranian-Swedish singer and rapper Nadia Tehran is the contrast incarnated. Her stunning solo album “Dozakh: All lovers Hell” was released in 2019 and gained her wide international praise for its bold artistic expression. The power and charisma of her performance definitely comes through in her session from ALICE Archives, with director Frigge Fri adding a touch of dark club atmosphere to the surroundings of ALICE.


With a background in classical music, Astrid Sonne opens up an electronic space to channel different perceptions of sensory and emotional states of being through open, melodic compositions. Her album “Human Lines” was nominated for a Nordic Music Prize in 2019 and we’re proud to include this extraordinary artist in the ALICE Archives with a beautiful session.


ALICE Archives proudly presents a brand new trio in the form of Casper Clausen, Xuri and Ferow Maw. Each with their own particular and diverse background they gather around a fascination for acid, japanese 90’s ambient and Australian doof parties, celebrating the spring coming. Fittingly the track they perform for this session is called “Spring Waves” and is their first composition ever. So lean back, enjoy a spring boost and the dazzling psychedelics of Xuri’s accompanying visuals.


With sparkling energy and a desire to tell stories, Basco shamelessly steals from Nordic, English, Celtic and American idioms to create their own original material – ranging from hard-hitting, high-speed reels full of rosin dust and sweat, through sweet tunes that tell of loves won and lost. They are often joined by Jullie Hjetland, whose powerful voice also graces this ALICE Archives session.


Founded by a group of talents from Aarhus’ creative music scene and led by the brilliant saxophonist Maria Dybbroe, Caktus is one of the most exciting acts on the progressive Danish jazz scene. The quintet is rooted in an acoustic chamber music feeling, but with an ability to move into bold experiments, wild improvisations, and heavy grooves, embracing the fragile as well as the powerful.


As a wanderer between the cultural heritages of West Africa and Northern Europe, Gambian musician and composer Dawda Jobarteh skilfully creates a highly unique sound universe between folk and afro-jazz from two very different musical traditions. Enjoy this intimate session of pure kora magic and poetic tones from an incredible musician. 


Copenhagen band EYES created a stir with the brutal blast of their 2020 album ‘Underperformer’ that had journalists drawing comparisons to bands such as Converge and Daughters. Like those bands, EYES express a will to define and develop their own sound while maintaining the uncompromised energy of hardcore, metal, and punk.


Hailing from the Copenhagen experimental underground, slim0 aka Lena Milovic, Mija Milovic, Simin Stine Ramezanali and Joalane Mohapeloa create a unique nu-folklore expression, singing about sister love and the power of life.


Italian-born Francesca Burattelli has been an active part of the Copenhagen art and music scene for several years in projects such as Gate Hand. In January 2021 she released the debut album “Condition”, an impressive work that explores electronic texture, field recordings, art pop, and layers of vocals. We’re proud to present her as part of ALICE Archives, where she performs alongside guitarist Albert Aagaard Hertz.


An intimate session with Orhan Özgür Turan (Hudna, Gadjos, Ipek Yolu) who performs on his acoustic saz and takes the listener on a personal journey through Anatolian folk and Nordic moods with trips down blues, jazz, and psych. 


Polyrhythmic drum patterns and massive horn riffs are the main ingredients in Selvhenter’s ever evolving music. One of Denmark’s finest live groups kick ALICE Archives off with a bang!


About ALICE Archives

Even though the corona lockdown keeps music venues closed the music is still alive. 

While waiting and longing to invite our treasured audience to concerts again, we’re taking advantage of these weird times to support local artists and bring the music out to you all instead.

We’re proud to launch ALICE Archives – a series of exclusive video sessions.

In February, we invited 9 local acts, who we consider some of the most interesting right now and who at the same time reflect most parts of our broad musical profile. Basco’s vital take on nordic folk, the gifted saz player Orhan Turan, experimental jazz with Caktus, EYES’ devastating hardcore and more more. The project has already been prolonged with more videos that will be shot in March.

In collaboration between film director Frigge Fri and our team of dedicated ALICE crew, the sessions have been shot in our venue. Instead of live streams, we are presenting 15 short and intense concert videos which will be presented on our channels this Spring and which will hopefully also be the beginning of a concert video archive.

ALICE Archives was launched on February 26th. Until mid April, we will announce 2 videoes each week, Monday and Friday. You can follow the project here on our website, where we will upload the videos continuously, or you can follow the Facebook event. The videoes will also be available at our Vimeo channel here.

We’re looking forward to present ALICE Archive video sessions with:

Selvhenter, Basco, slim0, Orhan Özgür Turan, Dawda Jobarteh, EYES, Caktus, Francesca Burattelli, Astrid Sonne and many more.