Wednesday _13.11.19140 DKK + fee

Space Quartet (PT) + Cactus

Modern jazz

Note: seated show with limited capacity

Portugese musician and sound artist Rafael Toral has carved his way in contemporary music fusing electronic sounds with methods from rock, free jazz and more. Formerly known for his drone/ ambient work with guitar and electronics, he radically renewed his approach to music in 2004, approaching electronic music in a way inspired by post-free jazz. With his new Space Quartet he takes a full jump into jazz with a constellation based on a near-classic jazz lineup of drums, double bass and two soloist voices, of which one or both are abstract electronics, and operates in a post-free context, bringing in elements from the outer limits of disparate genres. Evolving since 2014, the Space Quartet is now fresh with a new lineup. Joined by the inventiveness and clarity of double-bassist Hugo Antunes, the cross-boundary, sharp drumming of Nuno Morão and the multi-language intelligence of saxophonist Nuno Torres, Rafael Toral’s unique phrasing style in custom electronic instruments of his own invention finds its best home ever. Space Quartet released an acclaimed album on Clean Feed in 2018, and we’re happy to bring them to Copenhagen for this concert which is presented in collaboration with the Embassy of Portugal in Denmark.

We’re also delighted to present one of the brightest Danish jazz acts at the moment. Founded by a group of talents from Aarhus’ creative music scene and led by the brilliant saxophonist Maria Dybbroe, Cactus has gained a lot of attention with airplay on Danish Radio and concerts on several jazz festivals. The quintet is rooted in an acoustic chamber music feeling, but with an ability to move into bold experiments, wild improvisations and heavy grooves, embracing the fragile as well as the powerful.

Maria Dybbroe – alto sax
Zeki Jindyl– alto sax
Thorbjørn Kaas – double bass
Frederik Hagner – double bass
Tobias Andreassen – drums

Wednesday _13.11.19
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 140 DKK + fee

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