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Lennart Ginman feat. Maggie Björklund og Steen Rock – CANCELLED

An unconventional blend of cosmic electronica, trip-hop, jazz, and inner dream noise.

The Danish-Finnish bassist and producer, Lennart Ginman, takes his distinctive genre mix to unseen levels in a new trio collaboration. Together with pedal steel guitarist Maggie Björklund and DJ/producer Steen Rock, he presents a fascinating blend of cosmic electronica, trip-hop, jazz, and inner dream noise, wrapped in Ginman’s charismatic melancholic and cinematic sound. Come and experience the synergy of these three exceptional musicians when they visit ALICE during Vinterjazz, featuring their latest album “360” (NYT.NU, 2023).

The established Danish-Finnish bassist and composer, Lennart Ginman, has been active for over three decades, primarily on the Danish jazz scene. However, fans know that Ginman has always had a love for genre-breaking and musical blends. With his new trio collaboration, he explores this interest further. In addition to Ginman himself, the trio consists of pedal steel guitarist Maggie Bjorklund (known for collaborations with Jack White, Klingra, Sort Sol) and hip-hop producer Steen Rock (known for collaborations with Mikael Simpson, Nobody Beats The Beat, Khal Allan) on drum machines, effects, and scratches. Both Bjorklund and Rock are exceptionally talented musicians who have consistently enriched and surprised discerning listeners worldwide with their unique creative talents and willingness to push the boundaries of music.

In the trio Lennart Ginman feat. Maggie Björklund and Steen Rock, three musicians deliver a fascinating mix of modern electronic music and jazz – a nearly cinematic experimental techno that dynamically balances between touching minimal romance and shattered brutal soundscapes. The trio’s musical universe moves gracefully between intensity and down-to-earth minimalism, between electronic sequencers and the 200-year-old double bass. Ginman, Björklund, and Rock simultaneously take the audience through the entire spectrum of emotions, reflecting an unconventional cocktail of inner dream noise, bittersweet pop, dark music, and escapism. It all culminates in Lennart Ginman’s unmistakable musical DNA – a characteristic melancholic and romantic sound that reflects both Ginman’s strong Finnish roots and his Danish upbringing. It’s a tone that draws connections to artists such as Jan Johansson, Dubstep, Jean Sibelius, and Björk.

The current release, the album “360” (NYT.NU, 2023), has received excellent reviews both domestically and internationally, solidifying the trio as a significant force in modern music. The album’s 10 instrumental tracks were written by Lennart Ginman and recorded in close collaboration with Maggie Björklund and Steen Rock. Now, you can look forward to experiencing them when they visit ALICE during Winter Jazz 2024 at ALICE.

Lennart Ginman: Double bass, electronics, digitone & keyboards
Maggie Björklund: Pedal steel guitar
Steen Rock: Drum machines, effects & scratches

The concert is a part of Vinterjazz 2024 – a nationwide festival taking place between February 1.-25. More info via

ALICE at Stairway
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Saturday _24.02.24
Venue: Stairway
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