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Kevin Richard Martin (UK)


Kevin Richard Martin is the man behind The Bug, King Midas Sound, Techno Animal, Zonal and a host of other uncompromisingly heavy projects he has instigated since the 90s. At ALICE, Martin will perform the work “Sirens” – an immersive live experience of ambient sounds, dub, light and fog.


Sirens (released on Lawrence English’s Room40 imprint in June 2019), is his first record under his own name. Written as a therapeutic response to critical operations his newborn son endured in the first month of life, it is his most intensely personal work to date. The album traces out a sound world that is both tender and caustic. Within each piece, microcosms of sensation unfold, seconds become hours, and hours become seconds as Martin creates a sense of time that is without anchor and is foggy in a way that is profoundly unique. This is a life journey transposed into sound that is truly personal, but effortlessly universal and unfolds with cinematic dynamics.

Lars Lundehave

Lars Lundehave Hansen (1978) has for nearly two decades distinguished himself as one of the visionary Danish sound artists. This through a series of solo releases and sound-installations, both in Denmark and internationally. More recently his grand exhibition The Space Between the Silence in 2017 as well as his 2016 album Terminal Velocity shows his excellent ability to build a sonic space which is both dreamy yet physical. Lundehave will play a support set before kevin Richard Martin.

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