Saturday _25.11.23130 DKK + fee

Ilinx fælleskoncert

A collective concert put together by ilinx with a full band assembled for the occasion

A special evening put together by the vocal trio ilinx. Ilinx is a three-headed entity, whose members also create music within their respective solo projects: Anna Maehl, Saltmother, and LM Madsen. On this evening, the three solo projects are woven together with ilinx as a trio in three short sets. Solo compositions become collective property and merge with ilinx for an evening of sensitive vocal experiments, heartbreak ballads, friend-inspired art pop, folklore incantations, and restless R&B – all played with a full band assembled for the occasion.

The evening unfolds as four short sets, where material from Anna Maehl, Saltmother, LM Madsen, and ilinx blend and are performed with a band gathered for the occasion. The intimate concert space that characterizes ilinx is translated into an ensemble consisting of drums, bass, clarinet, flute, recorder, and guitar. Solo compositions become collective property and merge with ilinx’s compositions from their upcoming album.

The boundaries between individual and community are alternately drawn and blurred. Even as the lineup expands and the solo compositions are included, it remains an evening in the name of the voice. What unites the three members’ solo projects is the focus on the voice. On this evening, you have the opportunity to experience how the three individuals’ expressions meld into the shared creation ‘ilinx.’

With the voice as both storyteller and primary material, ilinx explores the potential of the voice to create and nurture human connections. In ilinx, the three members’ individual stories merge into a unique narrative that combines medieval tonality, minimalist choral works, avant-garde vocal experiments, and deconstructed R&B. The music is as futuristic as it is traditional, like “tinkling voicemails that have traveled from the Middle Ages and from the future. Simultaneously” (Seismograf). ilinx released their debut album “Memory” in 2020 and is now working on the follow-up.

Anna Maehl
As a young musician, Anna Maehl played the accordion in folk music orchestras and sang Joni Mitchell at the piano. Today, her heartfelt and longing songs begin as piano and vocal improvisations, which are transformed into folk-inspired pop songs with charming DIY productions in Ableton. After the release of her debut single “Youth Song,” Anna Maehl has, among other things, competed in the Belgian competition De Nieuwe Lichting and performed at Uhørt. Expect more music from Anna Maehl very soon!

LM Madsen
Behind LM Madsen is composer and singer Laura Marie Madsen. In 2022, she released the EP “intimacy issues” under the name Swell. A collection of songs about heartbreak, revenge looks, and falling for a bad boy (again), it delves deeply into the intersection of chamber music and R&B. Laura’s unique attention to detail and her strong idiosyncratic phrasing take the listener through everything from minimalist choral works and stone rock to clapping games and R&B.

After releasing the artpop EP “Heavy In Baby Blue” in the fall of 2022, singer and composer Amanda Appels’ solo project has now taken a turn towards a more acoustic, somber sound. Drawing inspiration from folk songs, religious music, and the multiverse reality of the internet, she writes functional songs for the modern human, carried by Appels’ dramatic vocals and colorful chord progressions.

Benedicte Pierleoni-Nielsen (Baby In Vain, Friends With Bene) – drums
Laust Moltesen (Karen Julh, Atistatic) – guitar
Mathilde Schelin (Cake of Day, VS. DOOM) – clarinet
Mette Hommel (Kolibri, Hystade) – flute
Stine Benjaminsen (Cake of Day, Recorder Recorder) – bass recorder
Thorbjørn Kaas (CAKTUS, Bear With Me) – bass

Saturday _25.11.23
Venue: Stairway
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 130 DKK + fee

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