Monday _02.09.1950 DKK + fee

Free Folk Mondays: Mika Akim (SE) + Jacob Faurholt

Free folk mondays

Fanø Free Folk Festival returns with the cozy Free Folk Mondays at ALICE. Hear two wonderful alternative folk songwriters in intimate surroundings. Prolific Danish songwriter Jacob Faurholt returns with a new album in September. ‘Shake Off the Fear’ was produced by Victor Kim (Narcosatanicos) and shows Jacob Faurholt continuing his sense for sombre, but also highly melodic folk songs with nods to Sparklehorse, Daniel Johnston, Jason Molina and similar artists. The songs deal with life, love and the anxieties that come with them. Always in an immediate and personal way.

Mika Akim is the moniker for Swedish musician Mika Persdotter. Working within the field of classical music and free improvisation, Persdotter has created a name for herself in groups such as Halvcirkel. With Mika Akim she presents a more songwriter based and folk orienterede expression, presenting a very original meeting of viola d’amore and poetic folk/pop. The songs are in Swedish and in English and deals with love and the body, reflected through Persdotter’s voice and the special sound of the instrument. We’re excited to present this truly original yet understated take on modern folk.

Monday _02.09.19
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 50 DKK + fee

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