Thursday _29.02.24100 DKK + fee

Emanzipation Presents: PitchBlack + Destabilizer + Infirmities

Heavy tripple concert from the Danish metal underground curated by Emanzipation Records

Emanzipation Records presents a heavy tripple concert at ALICE this february. Brace yourself for an intense old-school thrash and death metal lineup featuring blistering drums, thunderous riffs, and ferocious bestial roars as PitchBlack, Destabilizer and Infirmities take the stage.

NOTE: Detest had to cancel their concert, but luckily, PitchBlack will play instead!

PitchBlack was formed in 2002 and five years later, they made their mark with the album “Designed To Dislike” on the Danish and European extreme metal scene. That same year, the band was awarded the Metal Debut Album of the Year by the Danish Metal Awards. PitchBlack consists of an experienced quartet whose members are recognizable as bandmates among legendary Danish metal bands and active members of several established bands in the Danish metal scene. Their latest album, “Death and Disbelief” (Emanzipation Records, 2020), offers eleven tracks of pure brutality, catchy riffs, and a straightforward style with no bullshit or frills. An album that appeals to fans of bands such as The Haunted, At the Gates, Entombed, and Dismember.

The Gladsaxe-based metal band Infirmities was formed in 2020 by Sune Borring and Anders Tuegaard Poulsen shortly before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to the closure of the country and, consequently, their rehearsal space. Despite these challenges, the band started working on their first songs and ideas. Not long after, Jesper Rosenby Saltoften (Saturnus) and Kenneth ‘Fyrsten’ Iversen joined on drums and vocals, respectively. With a lineup best described as a wedding band, their style is predominantly old-school death ‘n’ roll metal. Infirmities is looking forward to a recording session with Henning Smith Nymand as the producer at Everloud Studios, and the new EP is expected to be released in the spring of 2024. Infirmities have only played a few concerts so far, providing an opportunity to experience them live.

Destabilizer is the latest offering in Danish Thrash Metal! Since the year 2020, the band has conjured up deadly tempo riffs, blistering drums, and vocals with loads of attitude, straight from their headquarters, Platform K, deep in the coal-black heart of Horsens. The inspiration is classic thrash from the 80s, Exodus, Razor, and Slayer. In their early years, Destabilizer has released two EPs, both well-received by thrash enthusiasts worldwide. Currently, the band is fully engaged in recording their debut album, consisting of 10 instant classics. With beer kegs of live experience from other projects, Destabilizer is more than ready to conquer the Danish stages and ignite a fire in the audience’s ears that only a vigorous round of headbanging can extinguish!

ALICE at Stairway
While the concert hall at Nørre Allé 7 is undergoing renovation, ALICE is located at the music venue Stairway in Vanløse.

Thursday _29.02.24
Venue: Stairway
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 100 DKK + fee
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