Friday _19.05.23130 DKK + fee

Collider + abji_hypersun + Splitscreen (DJ)

Misty-eyed explorations beyond the conventions of noise pop

Experience a sonic bouquet of a thousand vivid colours when dreamy Copenhagen experimentalists Collider hit ALICE with clashing mixtures of complex spontaneity, naivistic yet agressive precision, and many shifting arrangements beyond the conventions of shoegaze, indie pop and progressive rock.

In 2015, Mikkel, Johan, Troels and Marie created Collider together, after Troels introduced his childhood friends to Marie. The synergy of the four members came to life as they decided to live together in a tiny, kind of smashed, yellow studio space in Copenhagen. Within the confronting atmosphere and urgent lack of comfort they experienced in the beginning of their musical journey, the band discovered a boundary-pushing drive that eventually led them to their first album release.

Structured out of a stream of consciousness approach, the album was developed through a collaborative investigation between experimental rock, and the folk music Marie brought with her from the duo Kirsten and Marie.

Meanwhile, the band had also become a staple in the Copenhagen underground scene, welcomed for their clashing mixtures of complex spontaneity, naivistic yet agressive precision, and many shifting arrangements. Over time, Collider has evolved a unique and collage-like approach to composition that goes beyond the conventions of shoegaze, indie-pop and progressive rock.

Their latest release is still grounded in the explosive energy that Collider is known for, but presents a more figurative and coherent approach to songwriting. Collider is based in Copenhagen where they are signed to Escho.


abji_hypersun is the moniker of Simin Stine Ramezanali, a visual artist and drummer based in Copenhagen. Known from the trio SLIM0 and co-founder of the music platform and label UUMPHFF-music.

abji_hypersun mixes fragments of d’n’b, breaks, shoe-gaze and narrative story-telling. Untuning Persian classical instruments, multiple voices and beats they move in between feelings of beauty, the funny, the scary, the loud (something in between nightmares and dreams). Through this, they tour the notion of sounds out of tune.

Their music has extracts tropes drawn from the operatic and theatrical. New interpretations of the love song, hyper-gratitude, anger and mourning XXL are central subjects in their composition and lyrics.

This experimental approach in composition comes from a drive for giving life a soundtrack, and a belief in music being the most precise language to use for this.

Friday _19.05.23
Venue: Stairway
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 130 DKK + fee

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