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Alice & Mayhem present: WOLF EYES – Nate Young & John R. Spykes

Experimental electronic

Alice & Mayhem present:

March 29, 20:00. 80kr – door sale only!

Note: The show will take place at Mayhem, Ragnhildgade 1, 2100 København Ø

NATE YOUNG (b. 1977, Mansfield, MO) is a Detroit-based musician working in experimental electronic sound for over twenty years. In 1998, Young founded legendary noise group Wolf Eyes. Solo and as Wolf Eyes, Young has toured the world, released countless records, collaborated with Anthony Braxton and Marshall Allen, and inspired a generation of electronic musicians. Recent accomplishments include performing his compositions with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, and creating Trip Metal Fest, an annual free experimental music festival in Detroit that has brought luminaries such as Morton Subotnick and the Art Ensemble of Chicago to Detroit. In 2016, Young co-created (with John Olson) the record label Lower Floor Music, an imprint of Warp Records.
In the Regression series– Regression (2009), Stay Asleep (2011), Other Days (2012), Blinding Confusion (2013)–Young drew a compositional aesthetic from Italian library music and musique concrète. Since then, Young has been interpreting the traditional musical methods of rhythm and melody into complex synthesizer compositions. These songs were commonly made as a distraction from grief, seasonal depression, and isolation. Sometimes severely ridiculous and unrelenting other times slow, sparse and strange, this material didn’t fit in with the Regression series. It was archived and unreleased until now.
Nate Young Volume One: Dilemmas Of Identity will be released February, 2019 on Lower Floor Music.

JOHN R. SPYKES (a.k.a. John Olson, a.k.a. Insane Johnny) – What to expect from the inzane leg of the Wolf Eyes puzzle?
Solo homemade gutter creek reeds diving into the sound of the bleak Midwest. Rhythms that amount to defining internal disasters via slow live audio motion. Hundreds of Spykes releases, rarely seen solo: here is you uncommon live window into spontaneous rotten brass / electronic sound-soul-thought.

JENNY GRÄF is an artist who explores peripheral places and states through sound composition, improvisation and participatory works. In Gräf’s music and art she invokes immersion and rupture to explore changing perceptions of diegesis and space, formal choices rooted in a deep interest in social behaviors and perceptual fields.

VID EDDA – A back-and-forth of voice, synthesis and tape, documents of real and imagined things – an audio diary of drawings with some informational log notes. Recommended for fans of staring upwards. Celebrating new release “Geneves Me Sansi” on Anathema Archive label.

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