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Posh Isolation: Port Out, Starboard Home / Closing Ceremony – sold out

Experimental electronic

Closing Ceremony

Performances by:
Lust For Youth
Damien Dubrovnik
Puce Mary
Kenneth Cockwhore

Date: Saturday, May 25th
Time: 20.00 – 02.00
Venue: Alice
Address: Nørre Allé 7
Entrance: 120 DKK

Posh Isolation and Alice invite you to the CLOSING CEREMONY of “Port Out, Starboard Home”.
CLOSING CEREMONY presents a wide variety of expressions in contemporary electronic music by some of the defining projects in the history of the label, both old and new. From the experimental industrial of Puce Mary and Damien Dubrovnik to the synthetic ballads of KhalilH2OP and the decadent dance mania of Lust For Youth – presented in collaboration with Alice; Copenhagen’s leading venue for unusual music. Holds a limited capacity – preorder tickets available now!

Lust For Youth
Lust For Youth! Pirouetting on decadence, meeting eyes with a dizzy sensation, falling and flying at the same time—Lust for Youth have continually held poise through the most vitalising of times. Judgement, design, form, and opinion: to what end will we refine our world if we can’t also make an anthem of our lives? This is the tender conspiracy: I’m on twitter; I have an anthem. Do we have an anthem? We have lust. Let’s meet IRL.

Damien Dubrovnik
Formed in 2009 Damien Dubrovnik is the duo of Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek. While individually active with various solo projects and other collaborations, Damien Dubrovnik is the duo’s longest running project. The first release on Posh Isolation was the debut of Damien Dubrovnik. Damien Dubrovnik’s live shows are infamous for their raw intensity and expressiveness, incorporating elements of performance art and body acoustics into their powerful physical sound where harsh industrial meets poetic ambience.

Puce Mary
Puce Mary is the solo moniker of Danish born, LA based talent, Frederikke Hoffmeier. With a long career in experimental music, countless releases, performances & collaborations, many of which have been connected to Posh Isolation, Puce Mary has reached wide acclaim for her powerful and unique blend of modern industrial music.

KhalilH2OP is the collaborative platform by Nikolaj Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine, Cancer), Simon Formann (Yen Towers, Age Coin) and Villads Klint (Minais B). The three-piece takes high-def pop as a jumping-off point, using vocal FX and digital production tropes to explore ideas of romanticism through the lens of artificiality.

Kenneth Cockwhore
Kenneth Cockwhore is a Danish DJ, queer activist, style icon, media darling and bingo host. Cockwhore is known for a flamboyant taste in music and style and for coining the rave mantra ”Let the Bass Kæck”.

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