Tuesday _17.09.19100 DKK + fee

Satanique Samba Trio (BR)

Global psych

If you ever wanted to know how traditional Brazilian music would sound if it went infernal, Satanique Samba Trio is the fastest and coolest way to find it out! Despite their name, Satanique Samba Trio are in fact a quintet. No Brazilian traditional rhythm remains unscathed on the band’s trail of desecration. From samba to forró, from bossa nova to lambada, the band has been adding virulence, dissonance and provocation to Brazil’s musical heritage since 2002. Their music is driven by a simple but fertile aesthetic guideline: the deconstruction of the most recurrent clichés of Brazilian folk music. Their strange but also highly entertaining musical brew was displayed when they visited Copenhagen in 2017. Now they return to Nørrebro with their brand new LP coming out in September. True to their eccentric attitude, the band recorded it entirely with 1980’s analogue tape machines and with a cell phone.

Tuesday _17.09.19
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 100 DKK + fee

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