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Blacks’ Myths (US) + Kool Music (UK)

Politically eruptive punk jazz

Cascading noise, highly explosive free jazz, and poetic ruminations against the world order: Washington D.C.’s hypnotic duo Blacks’ Myths are ready to take over ALICE at Stairway in Vanløse. Featuring members from the likeminded free jazz ensemble Irreversible Entanglements.

Blacks’ Myths is a duo comprised of Luke Stewart on bass and Warren G. “Trae” Crudup III on drums. The group’s latest, “Blacks’ Myths II” collects thirteen tracks from a three day marathon recording session in the summer of 2019. The album was recorded live with no overdubs.

On Blacks’ Myths II, the group’s second release for Atlantic Rhythms, Stewart and Crudup build symbiotic rhythmic pieces, locking into something both hypnotic and free. Their collaboration is redefining the rhythm section by dismantling its tropes and injecting unpredictability, vibrancy, and freedom. The group’s debut, Blacks’ Myths (Atlantic Rhythms, 2018), established a space for ambience and eruption, building hypnotic rhythmic structures and exploratory soundscapes. Blacks’ Myths II keeps that exploration alive with an expanding set of collaborators and further meditations on Sonic Blackness.

Blacks’ Myths is a core duo of Luke Stewart and Warren Crudup III. Using electric bass guitar, electronics, and drums, the group chooses to build walls of sound in dynamic variation. Complex loops and ecstatic melodies outline the pieces, creating a compelling sonic story line. The deeper purpose however are in the intention of the Music, the messages delivered into the vibrations.

The group is concerned with the idea of History, of Memory, of the power of creating a tuned state of being. For through the journey in sound lies the meditation on the history of blackness, the personal memory lens of an increasingly complex world full of alternate facts and rehashed stories. History thus becomes Mythology, in the ways in which we experience its weighty meanings in our lives. Through accessing the power of Sound, the story unfolds in physical frequencies that can re-tune the sub-conscious being otherwise known as the Spirit. The specific historical themes comes from lived experience, stories told.

Thursday _16.03.23
Venue: Stairway
Doors at: 19:00
Concert at: 20:00
Price: 140 DKK + fee

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