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Ayom (INT) // Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2022

A hot-stepping and spiritual voyage across the African diaspora

Ayom are musical seafarers who traverse the Black Atlantic with vibrancy and irresistible swing. During Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2022, ALICE has the joy of presenting them for an open air show at Onkel Dannys Plads.

Note: This show takes place at the outdoor stage at Onkel Dannys Plads

“An intoxicating dose of entrancing ritual magic comes courtesy of this crew who playfully navigate myriad Afro-Lusophone tropes on this, their delightful debut.” – Songlines

The six members of Ayom hail from Italy, Brazil, Angola and Greece, with singer and percussionist Jabu Morales centre stage. Their name, Ayom, refers to the “Lord of Music” who in Afro-Brazilian mythology taught humans to play music and sing.The group seamlessly blends century old traditions with the rhythmical language of lusophone cultures, providing a hot-stepping and spiritual voyage across the African diaspora. 

Receiving massive praise from music media worldwide, Ayom’s debut album from 2019 is a swinging collection of tracks pointing at, and borrowing from, the folk music of Brazil, Angola and Cape Verde. Some tracks are New Orleans jazz under a Brazilian spell, as when Morales sings in her mother tongue of Cachaça (Brazilian rum) and Macarrão (Italian spaghetti) as a metaphor for the passion between two band members. Other tracks are slow and lamenting, relying on the zabumba drum and repetitive Youruba chanting. The whole thing is tied together by Becucci’s accordion, both yearning and cheerful, and the result is delightful. This is music that begs to be enjoyed in the sun, and so we can’t wait to present these musical seafarers for an open air show at Onkel Dannys Plads during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2022.

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Wednesday _06.07.22
Venue: Onkel Dannys Plads
Doors at: 16:00
Concert at: 17:00
Price: 120 DKK + fee

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