Nørre Allé 7
DK-2200 København N
+45 50 58 08 41
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Torsdag d. 14. november
Dørene åbner kl: 19:00
Koncerten starter kl: 20:00
Pris: 160 dkk inkl. gebyr

A blend of virtuosic players, skilled producers and inspired composers join forces to create a unique, infectious sound drawing on jazz, hip-hop, afrobeat, latin, soul, reggae and dance music. Founded in Leeds and now based in London, Nubiyan Twist have established themselves as one of the leading lights in the UK’s new generation of soulful, genre-fluid artists. Back in 2017 they gave a powerful concert at a sold out Global on Nørrebro. Now they return to ALICE with their highly acclaimed new record, ‘Jungle Run’. Along for the ride they bring soulful singer Ruby Wood – ready to enthrall the Copenhagen audience with their sensational groove and their take on a contemporary, multicultural sound. Orchestrated by guitarist/producer Tom Excell, the epic 10 piece live show features a 4 piece horn section, 3 vocalists, electronics and an international (Brazil/UK) rhythm section to create a powerful and unforgettable experience.

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